So,I can't respond or even read my review because I no longer have a paid account?

I had a dog and a cat, but my beautiful puppy passed away. This was just before a sit was due, and they still came for our cat. I no longer need TS services until I get another dog and I was due for renewal, so I didn’t renew - now my most recent pet sitter has left a review and I can not even view it let alone respond to it.

I thought I read you don’t need a paid account, but on both app and desktop I only have the option to renew - I can’t see my profile, I can’t see my reviews.

I should still be able to keep my profile until I am ready to reuse it, and have my reviews preserved. But it seems it’s not possible.

Any tips?

@PepsAndPrince Sorry to hear about the passing of your puppy. This question was answered on a previous thread which I have linked here.

I never renewed mine during COVID, no, you can’t see your profile, reviews etc, but when I renewed approximately a year later, everything was still there.

If you just want to read the review, can you search your area for your profile? I did that to find a friend’s profile when they were having trouble finding a sitter - but they had an active listing, so maybe yours won’t show up.

It does seem wonky that you’d get a review and not be able to read it. Were you able to leave a review for the sitter?

Thanks for clarifying. So as long as I renew within 2 years I will still have access to my account as it currently is.

What about the people who had hearted my listing and expressed interest in sitting if possible, will they still see something in regards to my account? Or has my listing been removed from their favourite lists?

Yes I left a review before my renewal was due. I tried searching for my town and only 2 posts came up, neither of which are mine. Not sure how else to read my reviews.