Homeowner account expired and can't leave review

Yesterday we completed a sit where the HO account has expired. I’m not sure when it did, but during the sit we were able to see the Welcome Guide, and today we were able to leave feedback for the homeowner. I clicked on the sit in Past Sits to see if I could request their review, but it shows that they are inactive and there is no option to request feedback. The homeowner wants to leave a review and has reached out to support, just to be told “once an account has expired you can’t access the platform or leave reviews, feedback or messages.” This approach seems unfair to me. The HO’s account has expired, yet the sitter is penalized by not receiving feedback (and the HO will receive their feedback when they reactivate). In the past, I am sure that THS was better at navigating this situation, and was willing to add a review to the sitter’s account.

We don’t really “need” the review as we have 46 of them already, but it will be the ONLY sit on record without a review. And what about sitters who are much newer at this than we are? Shouldn’t they have the right to receive all reviews, even if the HO decides not to renew their account?

I didn’t see another topic like this, so point me to it if there is one. And please tag anyone who might be able to help.



@lifephasenext , this would irk me too. If I were you, I’d write to Membership Services and make my case. Good luck.


@lifephasenext This has been discussed before where the answer was given that an owner can leave a review even if their membership has expired.

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Thank you for digging this up. It is what I thought and have told others as much. But when this HO tried it she couldn’t, and when she contacted support she was told that it wasn’t possible. I’ll follow up on that thread to see if things have changed. It has certainly changed recently on the sitter side for viewing and requesting reviews.

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@lifephasenext did the HO try going to the three lines next to the renew button ?

Further conversation is available in the linked topic. Bottom line: This feature is no longer available and won’t be with the new review system. I think we should speak up as it is unfair to sitters who have no control over HO/PP membership status.

Have just flagged it too @lifephasenext - both the insurance and the review are surely essential components of why we have membership otherwise we might as well go rogue!! :flushed::flushed:

In this other thread, Carla says there’s an update that will keep sits from going forward if membership isn’t renewed: Homeowner review if membership has expired - #16 by Carla_C.

Reviews shouldn’t be an issue if so.