Sitter profile expired

I had a sitter that’s not planning to renew their THS membership. Which is fine but that means they won’t be able to provide feedback upon completion of a sit.

I wish THS has can show expiration date of membership on a sitters profiles so that as a HO we can make that into consideration during the interview process.

@FaithHopeLove , if your sitter is not a member of THS, it will be the same as a private sit as you will not have the support of THS in the event of a problem.

The sitter was a member of THS at the time of application then they chose not to renew as it expires during the sit. While it’s totally ok if they chose not to renew but I don’t believe we can hold a non member accountable for the sit. Do you follow what I am saying? Or can they still be liable if they discontinue their membership subscription during the sit?

@FaithHopeLove You won’t be able to write a review about them at the end of the sit and they won’t be able to write one about you if they are no longer members.

THS insurance won’t cover the full sit - you would need to check with member services if they will cover the part of the sit where they are still members…

If it’s important to you that your sitter is a THS member you could look for a new sitter or offer to pay this sitter’s membership fee. Alternatively just treat it as a private sit not covered by THS .

How long ago was this sit confirmed?
There is a new system that should prevent sits from being booked if the sitter has auto-renew switched off

@Carla_C or @Jenny_V how does the new feature work when the sitter’s membership expires mid-sit ?

Hello, @FaithHopeLove I will share this thread with you as it should help answer your questions.

@Silversitters has also provided some really helpful answers and things to consider about this :slight_smile:

@FaithHopeLove If the sitter has a confirmed sit booked where the dates go past their membership period then they should be on auto-renewal so that their membership won’t expire mid-sit. If the member tries to cancel their auto-renewal then they will get a pop-up saying they can’t as they have an active sit and would need to cancel the sit first.

There is a more in-depth explanation on the above thread so will be worth a read and hopefully help more :slight_smile:

If you have any questions about the process or to ask about your specific sit you can reach out to the Membership Services team at they will be happy to help.