Renewing Membership - profile and reviews

I am coming to the end of my first year on THS and (apart from one booking) have had a wonderful time! For financial reasons, I need to take a break from my membership. When I return in the future, will my profile and excellent reviews stay intact? Will I be able to just reboot my account? Would hate to wipe out my good reviews!

Many thanks in advance


Here’s the answer:

Hi @Janegerrard, glad you’ve enjoyed your sits and now planning a break. You will need to go into your settings and disable the auto-renew which it will be set on. Providing you re-activate/ rejoin within two years, your profile and reviews will be available once again.

You mention ‘for finanicial reasons’, for next time, do what we do. THS gives you 2 free months every time you recommend someone new to their site. If you’ve had a great time (which we have… amazing!) spread the word, you don’t need many recommendations to get your future years for free.

You do not receive your free 2 months until your recommendations actually join:

Invite your friends to TrustedHousesitters and you’ll get 2 free months for every friend that joins. They’ll get 25% discount on their membership too. It’s a win-win!

You may find it worthwhile keeping your membership active- on the cheapest price tier- as even if you do only one sit in the year the fee will pay itself- and it will still save you money on accomodation & keeps all your options open!

Otherwise, as others have said, your profile details & reviews are held for 2 years. If the membership price increases before you rejoin you would be on a higher rate than now.

It would be a good idea to make screenshots of all your reviews now so you always have a back up. Should you rejoin after more than 2 years you’ll still be able to share your reviews.

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