Membership cancellation and later

If I cancel my renewal, it says I’ll lose access to my account and reviews. When I do sign up for a membership again in the future under the same email, will my past reviews and history still be there?

They hold reviews for a couple of years.

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If you rejoin, all of your reviews and history that is on your page now will still be there. THS says they keep all data for two years for legal reasons (that is acceptable of course) but I have heard from others that it is still there after two years. I can definitely attest to it all being available from my own personal experience.

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I never rejoined for 18 months during COVID. When I did, everything was still exactly the same.


When your subscription ends you’ll also lose access to your inbox, so if you have exchanged contact details with any sitters/homeowners that you’ll need to stay in touch with, make a note of them. If you have any sits already booked in for beyond the course of your subscription and you don’t wish to renew your membership, you will need to cancel these sits in order to switch off auto-renew. You would still be able to do the sits – albeit as a private arrangement outside of the THS platform – as long as you had external contact details (mobile/email) in order to contact the sitter/homeowner involved.

I don’t believe you can cancel auto renewal if you have sits booked past your membership renewal date.

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Thanks @B1anca – you’re right, I’ve edited my post to reflect that. I only do a couple of sits per year, and, depending on timings of sits and when my annual membership is up for renewal, it means I can end up paying the whole subscription for just one sit, which works out pretty pricey!