Hello, I’ve been a loyal member for many years. Currently, I’m facing some financial challenges and am in between jobs. I’m not looking to cancel my membership, but I’m unable to pay the fees until I secure new employment, which I’m hopeful will be soon. Could you please tell me what would happen to my account history and reviews if my membership lapses? Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you community.

Historically, members profile information including all relevant feedback, reviews and sits remain in place for two years.
I am certain someone in the admin team will confirm if this still the case.

Hang tight. All the very best.


Is there any written place I can verify this info?

@SunshineAndAloha here you are

So, in other words, my profile and all reviews will be deleted immediately.

If that is what you want and request yes.

Otherwise they are retained for two years as above article explains .

@Silversitters I don’t see any reference to two years. It simply states that they will retain the data as long as they need it and it’s left unspecified

@SunshineAndAloha I had not renewed for over a year, probably more, but when I rejoined everything was still there. My profile, reviews, everything, as though I had never left. The statement quoted from THS is generic to cover themselves but it is widely known that two years is the time records are kept and I have heard from some members that it has been actually longer. You can be guaranteed of two years

@SunshineAndAloha If I were you I’d contact membership services directly to get clarification. I too see no reference to two years in the article and I would want personal confirmation too. It would be a good idea to screenshot all your reviews and perhaps also your profile details just as back up.
The other thing is to note is that if you let your membership lapse your new price on rejoining will be the current price- which may be higher than the price you were on if you joined pre-Covid and have been on autorenewal.
Meanwhile I wish you all the luck in the world finding new and enjoyable work! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Apologies @SunshineAndAloha , the article was quoted in another thread with a similar question .

This is what I have found from a forum admin when the question was asked before and this was the answer given at the time :

To contact member services and find out if this is still how it works you can E-mail : Then you will have it in writing .