Freezing membership

Hi. We’re in a bit of a pickle at an awkward time of life. My wife’s mother is now rather dependent on us and this is stopping us from being able to apply for sits.
Is there a way to freeze or membership, without losing or cv, reviews etc?
We can see a day when we will be able to sit again, but for now we have to give our time to mum!

Can you not email membership services and ask?

Missed that. What’s the address or where do i find it?

@Rgabbott This has been asked before and this was the answer given at the time :

To contact member services and find out if this is still how it works you can E-mail :

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Unfortunately you cannot freeze your membership, it will simply expire after the twelve months. Your profile and reviews will remain on record for two years after if you wish to renew.

Thank you all. Words of wisdom


Just a thought. I don’t know your full circumstances. And I know this is a tough time. There may a time within this tough time when one of you may need a little respite, and short sit getaway could actually work even if you needed to split up or have another relative help your mother-in-law. It might be worth keeping the membership active even if you don’t travel often.