Questions about not renewing this year

Hello @PandAonTour and thank-you for your questions.

You are correct in your understanding about how long the data is saved, and I would personally recommend you also take screen shots or cut and paste your reviews / profile / listing etc. to ensure you have a backup copy. Not because the info won’t be there but because it’s easy to forget renewal dates once you pause a subscription :slight_smile: I know… I’ve done it!

Once your membership expires TrustedHousesitters will keep your data for two years. This includes your profile and or listing reviews/feedback and welcome guide. Within this two year period you will be able to see all your data once you renew. After 2 years the data in deleted in accordance with the GDPR data protection regs.

In terms of your other questions I’m going to tag @Lucy-B who will be able to help and advise.

I hope it’s not too long before we see you back house sitting again! And of course the forum is a place to discuss all sorts of topics, so we hope to still see you around here until you return. All the very best, Vanessa and the team