Some of my pet sit photos


Hi @SafePaws…I think I am in love with that cutie you have with you! Such expressions…just always wish we could read their minds to fully understand even though we can tell from those expressions they are happy thoughts!

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Thanks for the compliments

Oscar the lab is very cute too.

I am pet sitting him in UK happy to catch up for a drink and bring him along if / when your free, we are in Godalming, Surrey but we can train it to somewhere convenient. :slight_smile:

My Haag Petsit

I am an international sitter currently in Redhill. Just curious. Where is the clock tower photo taken?

My Gallinaro ( Italy ) Pet sit


My Perugia Petsit


My brussels pet sit

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That’s Big Ben

What a coincidence @SafePaws , we were on a short sit just outside Guildford from Wednesday to Sunday last week. My younger son had an appointment in London, and he and I were taking photos of Big Ben from the opposite side just across the river! It’s a shame we missed each other.


One of many enhancements the platform could have is a messaging system or persistere near by system where others can see other pet sitters in their areas and send them a message to see if they want to catch up

Delightful pictures. I’ve used google photos to create an album of all of the animals I’ve sat with. I include the link in my sit applications. Some HOs have responded favorably to seeing the pics.