Splitting a sit to find someone

In my case, my trip is seven weeks away and I have no THS interest for my two week trip. I have been able to find a paid sitter for week 2. I’m putting together arrangements for week 1 (family + paid house-sitter) but if I can get a ‘full’ sitter for that week that would be easier. If that week 1 sitter wanted to do two weeks, I’d consider it but then I’d be letting down the paid house-sitter that I’m committed to.

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I certainly understand that it might be necessary to split the sit, because you can’t find a sitter who can do the whole time. I was wondering about HOs, who split the sit from the beginning into several sequences.

Oh, and I would ask my cleaner to come between sitters. It’d be great if first sitter could strip bed and put new sheets on in these circumstances. I appreciate you all seem very keen to leave houses pristine but all I want is for you to tidy after yourselves and hoover some fur once or twice!

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Dunno, I’d definitely prefer to just sort it all out the once!!! :smiley: Possibly they havent thought thru the implications for the chain of sitters.

Maybe they think no-one would want to commit for a long sit??

Oops, I meant to quote this: “I was wondering about HOs, who split the sit from the beginning into several sequences.”

There is already a thread open titled “Splitting a Sit…”.
Use the magnifying glass to find it and read other members thoughts


We like the suggestions here, thank you. We will conduct a video exit tour and if possible have a friend or a neighbor stop by for a quick house/pet inspection.

What is the process when two TH sitters will be splitting the house sit? I have two sitters who will cover the dates I need–do I do anything beyond communicating with both to work out the transition? Do I need to do anything on the TH site to confirm the two sitters?

I’ve now done a little research in the FAQs and have edited my listing to reflect the 2 sets of dates. I can now confirm 2 different sitters and ideally communicate with both so that there will be a smooth transition to cover the entire time we are away. If anyone has something to add about splitting a housesit, I’d love to hear about it.

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Hi Jenny. As a sitter, I am doing a split sit soon (as the second sitter) and I would personally like to be in touch with sitter #1 before I arrive as to where the keys are, how the animals behave, any helpful observations, etc. I plan to video the home as soon as I get there since I don’t know how the owners left it and I am quite particular. I think as a HO, as long as both sitters have good references and reviews and a good profile, it should be okay. But I’d also have a Plan B in place… like what you’d do if sitter #2 cancels while you’re away- could you get a neighbor, friend or paid sitter to step in?


Yes, documenting everything is a good approach and we always like to meet the previous / next sitter in person. Once we handed over a sit to another couple and they apparently left the place dirty and didn’t water the plants (not sure if the cat got any love either).

Hi. I’m new to all this. I have uploaded a stay for 4 weeks. I’ve not had any response so wondering if I should
Split the dates in to two so two two weeks stays.
Assume I can only have one listing on with those dates so I’ll have to delete the 4 week listing and split it in to two.

Do sitters tend to rather short stays ? Is 4 weeks too long ?


Hi @angsay
There is another thread about splitting a sitting which will give you members thoughts and opinions.
Use the spyglass at the top right of your screen and type in “Splitting” That will show the thread.
hope that helps

Hello @angsay and welcome to the forum and to TrustedHousesitters. As @Itchyfeet has mentioned, searching for key topics of interest is a useful way for new forum members to first cover their areas of interest. I’m mentioning this as many new people are joining the forum.

I suggest you add a link to your listing in your forum username/profile. Forum members are excellent at sharing suggestions based on their experiences. Here are the instructions:

Adding your listing to your forum username/profile

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It’s hard to give advice without seeing your profile or knowing your dates. For full-time sitters such as my family, we much prefer longer dates as it’s less travel in between. For part time sitters, they may have limited availability and not be able to do 4 weeks.

The only issue with splitting the dates in two would be that a sitter would be taking over from another sitter and not able to meet with you prior if you are already away.

I’ve seen some people list in their profile that they would be willing to consider multiple sitters who could only do portions of the sit, so apply anyway and state your availability in the letter, if not available the whole time.

How long have you had the listing up and how far in advance is it?

Great thanks. Will
Give that a whirl when I get a few feee minutes.


Yes. I just read a few other threads and some have had issues with have the stay split. Others have been fine.
Thanks for your response

It’s been up for about 5 weeks and it’s for 4 weeks in the summer school
Someone has just expressed an interest though.
As I’m new to this I wasn’t even sure how long it takes to get any offers

5 weeks seems long enough that you should have had some interest by now. Glad someone has connected. I hope they are a good fit.