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So, for any football fanatics in the US and abroad…we all know yesterday was the big day between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles, but it was also a big day for the Grand Pups competing in the 2023 Puppy Bowl! Did anyone watch? If so, did your favorite comes out on top?

2023 Puppy Bowl XIX Player Lineup | Puppy Bowl 2022 | Discovery

Here is the 2023 winner…Pickle!
Watch Highlights From Puppy Bowl | Puppy Bowl 2022 | Discovery

Team Fluff wins Puppy Bowl in first overtime competition -

FEB. 13, 2023 / 10:05 AM

Team Fluff wins Puppy Bowl in first overtime competition

By Tonya Pendleton


Pickle is the MVP of Puppy Bowl XIX, which was won for the second time by Team Fluff. Photo courtesy of Animal Planet

This is such a great group that supports and helps in rescues and adoptions for pets around the Country and spotlights the overwhelming need for more pet parents or those wanting to become pet parents. I look forward to it every year!


Thank you for sharing @Debbie-Moderator adorable images and such a great cause … even if you’re not a football fan :wink:


@Debbie-Moderator the Puppy Bowl is such great entertainment! We love it.


One of my favorite events of the year, PUPPY BOWL!!!


@Angela-HeadOfCommunity We really want to go to this!! :dog::blush: