Happy Thanksgiving

To all of our American community members Happy Thanksgiving :turkey: :pie: from my family to yours wherever you may be celebrating.

We paws to give thanks.


For us we tend to have the TV on in the background while we all work in the kitchen prepping the meals but I always try to watch some of the dog show because I absolutely love seeing all the dogs and their personalities. I could care less about football :joy: I don’t even know who’s playing.


Let’s all be pawsitive and grateful!


Thank you Charlie Brown @geoff.hom @Kelly-Moderator and Zorro :dog:
Source: Better Homes & Gardens

PS - Definitely NOT Football!! :wink:


Growing up we would always have the Thanksgiving Day Parade on. I loved seeing all the big balloons. Now we rarely have the TV on and if we do it’s just background noise. It’s rare my family can all get together at once so we try to soak in as much quality family time as possible. Wishing everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!


Would very much just like to say thank you to everyone who has graced my journey.
Have not celebrated a traditional Thanksgiving in years, no tv and I’m ok with that.

In joy


Ours are always different. But today we’ll watch whatever Abby the cat wants to watch. We’ve known her less than 24 hours, but guessing she’ll pick the Macy’s parade. Definitely not football.

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Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your wonderful feast, I hope the chef or chefs get to put their feet up after dinner. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :us:

My mouth is watering @Debbie-Moderator I can almost smell your kitchen from WA … thank you for taking the time to share …


Another beautiful Thanksgiving surrounded by family and our beloved pets. This year I am thankful for joining the TrustedHouseSitters community and embarking on a new and exciting journey pet sitting.

What is everyones favorite Thanksgiving dish? The dish I look forward to the most every year is my moms mashed potatoes. I’m also a sucker for pumpkin pie :yum: :pie: