A Very Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing our American community members and your family and friends a safe and happy Thanksgiving wherever you are in the world :us: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Joanne thank you for your words …


Many years I missed Thanksgiving at home with family because of call of duty to work in hospital. I would always be sad to not be with family.
Today I find myself in a home that is not my own in the woods of Virginia with two Norwegian cats who come and snuggle with me giving me so much unconditional love that I happily give it back.
Yesterday I received a complete traditional Thanksgiving dinner for one, fresh flowers and other goodies sure to put a smile on anyone’s heart from the wonderful people I just met just a few days ago.
Today there is nothing to be sad about and so so much to be grateful for, every day .:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Wherever you are, thank you and remember to keep sharing the love.


What a lovely way to enjoy your time, and such a thoughtful gift, in the true sense of giving. I’ve always felt that home is where the heart is :heart: After decades of living away from family, and being stationed overseas, we became accustomed to celebrating in non-traditional ways. Being with family is a very special treat for us, and something that is not always the norm. I recognize that living each and every day of our life, is truly a reason to be thankful and celebrate :tada:


We speak the same language.
Happy Thanksgiving Joanne.


Yes, Happy Thanks Giving to all our American friends.

But please remember the Native Americans who were almost wiped out so that Europeans could populate their lands.
There is even a memorial in Plymouth commemorating the day of mourning. We were very moved when our guide told us the story of how the protests came about. The US has some very interesting history that is not publicised.
I have travelled extensively up the East coast of US and met many lovely people who I now call friends. When we visit there we have rules that we very rarely break. There are three things that Americans and Europeans differ with. Neither people understand the others viewpoint so why discuss them and cause offence? Religion, guns and politics.

It’s important to know that for many Native Americans, Thanksgiving is a day of mourning and protest since it commemorates the arrival of settlers in North America and the centuries of oppression and genocide that followed.

Organized by the United American Indians of New England in 1970, the fourth Thursday in November Thanksgiving is recognized as the National Day of Mourning for Native Americans and their allies.

Many people gather at Cole’s Hill in Plymouth for an organized rally and day of mourning on Thanksgiving. Here’s what they have to say about this choice to mourn:

“Thanksgiving day is a reminder of the genocide of millions of Native people, the theft of Native lands, and the relentless assault on Native culture. Participants in National Day of Mourning honor Native ancestors and the struggles of Native peoples to survive today. It is a day of remembrance and spiritual connection as well as a protest of the racism and oppression which Native Americans continue to experience.”

Taken from a site called Native Hope.

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Yes we are very aware thank you @ElsieDownie

Every country, people, culture, I will go as far to say every person, has a history of oppression and/or some type of injustice by those that would seek to use power for their own gain.
We, at least I do, give thanks for the life that I now have, for every breath I take and the freedom of choice to now create and live a life of my own free will.
All of us now have the choice to either dwell in the past mistakes of our ancestors or to create a new world.
That is what I give thanks for.

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In reply, i am sharing an editorial written by my husband.

Happy Colonialist Invasion Day

It has become très chic to truthfully and accurately cite the many horrid wrongs committed by the colonists, especially as some celebrate Thanksgiving. Many may, acutely, see the holiday as a phony attempt to whitewash a genocide to enable the theft of a continent.

I do not argue with the last statement, and it is always possible to sell one’s home and move back to the old homeland after giving your remaining assets to an impoverished native American.

No doubt, if the Western Hemisphere residents had developed steel, the wheel, transoceanic travel before the Europeans, the native Americans would have sailed up the Thames, Seine, etc, passing out Marlboros, corn chips, french fries and Peace and Love.

Hypothetically, if all the colonialist, Eurocentric exploiters leave America, the Western Hemisphere should revert to the pristine, sustainable cultural state which existed prior to its “discovery.”

Thus, presented below, are the templates for the tools (ax, knife, atlatl, spear and arrow points) which will be available to provide homes, weapons, fish traps, baskets, snares, clothing… The stuff you see in the little basket, that’s all the tools one gets to survive. Good luck, Pilgrim. PS: The big white blade predates what we refer to as “Indians” or native Americans by thousands of years. The native Americans displaced the paleo-Indians the same way the ‘Mericans’ displaced the Native Americans.

So, Europe is more civilized than the U.S.?

Bob Sargeant

I am not being critical. It just came to me as such a surprise that this monument and protest existed. I had never thought of it as a takeover more a mutual agreement although there has always been rumblings of this, John Wayne films etc.
I agree, history is history and we cannot be held responsible for our ancestors actions unless we continue in the same vein.
In the UK, at the moment, there is a faction trying to wipe out parts of our history. We may not like what happened then but it’s up to us to make sure it is not forgotten. Likewise everywhere else in the world. I’m sorry you see it as a slight to your day.
I hope you all have a great day.


History is impossible to undo. But educating with both sides of the conflict helps understand it better.

For example. I grew up as a staunch Supporter of Scottish Independence. I debated and attended rallies. I blamed the English for all our woes. Until I came upon an article about the true reason for the Union of the Crowns. Not believing it, I did more and more research and the original article was correct. Scotland sold themselves out to the English. We were bankrupt and needed English money to continue. Our powers that be had watched all the other European countries get a slice of this brand new continent and they wanted some so they invested all Scottish money in the Darien Gap. Of course it is a tropical swamp even nowadays. We had to go cap in hand to the English for money and there terms….The Union.

This is not what we were told as ardent supporters in the 60s and 70s. That wouldn’t have helped the cause. Education is a wonderful thing.


Not at all Dear Elsie.
Just pointing out that there is so much history that has not seen the light of day and only passed on through the stories shared by ancestors as it should be for we must know the past to appreciate the present.
It is what we do with the knowledge to move forward. Too many are way to focused on anger, revenge and such but today is a reminder, to reflect and decide what is important in our lives.
Having spent so many years traveling in the UK, Scotland, Wales, England I too have seen and heard much of what you speak of.
My day is peacefully perfect hope yours is as well.
Just got back from a long walk with a cat that thinks she’s a dog.


My husband and I are just finishing not only our first sit but our first out-of-state sit. I am thankful that the HO gave us a chance, so to speak, as we of course did not come with any reviews. We’ve had a wonderful experience and not only enjoyed their home and graciousness, but have been kept company by a sweet dog, Maddie, and a cat King, Ollie. It’s been fun!! As we both WFH, we’ve appreciated the change of scenery :sunny: Looking forward to our next sit! Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating!


Happy Thanksgiving and thank you so much for sharing your delightful experience @waywardwash.
Here’s to many more joyful families and pets!

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