Sweltering in Sacramento

Hello there! I’m Pam and am joining the forum mostly as a home owner but my husband Patrick and I have also have done a housesit, hope to do more in the future.

We’re going thru a historical heat wave in N. California right now, really looking forward to the coming cooling trend, - it’s been difficult to keep the garden happy this summer! We have a lovely gray tabby named Tigger and a silly old man of a dog we think is mostly poodle and dachshund mix - but who knows? Maybe one day we’ll do that DNA test…

I love reading your posts from all over the world and the amazing lifestyles some of you are living, the wonderful experiences you are having! It’s truly inspiring and captures so much about the good in the world.

We’ve had about 5 sits for our pets in the last couple of years and our experiences have been positive - EXCEPT the young man coming to the states from Europe for the first time who tested positive for Covid the day before his flight to the US, giving me 2 days to scramble to find care. What was supposed to be a great experience for the sitter and the owner became, well, very stressful for both of us. From that I learned that 10 stuff happens and 2) it’s good to have a plan B just in case! (And maybe have the premium plan, which I didn’t).

Thanks - happy travels!
Pam on the roada


Hi Pam and welcome to the community forum. I’m glad you found us. I’m currently on a sit in the San Diego area. Our temps aren’t nearly as high as yours, but we’re sweltering all the same.

I love that your post talks about sweltering temps, yet in your picture you’re wearing a heavy coat and scarf! :rofl: One day soon this heat wave will pass, and we’ll all be wearing our heaviest clothes again.

Stay cool!

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Hi @PamellaO thank you for the weather update I am heading south from WA State tomorrow although I am firstly heading to LA & then on to San Diego and as @Karen-Moderator has noted do I need to bring cold weather wear :grinning:

I’m sorry there were planning stresses and as you say it’s good to be prepared especially the Plan B … I hope that it all worked out for you.

Enjoy connecting with our members from around the world.