Taiwanese girl saying hello from Australia :)

Hello beautiful people out there ! :smiley:
I’m Lily Soleil , 31 years old , last job worked at english cram school for 5-10 children as a assistant

NOW was about moved to
Australia” alone :icecream: :heard_and_mc_donald_islands: :relieved: for studying and currently staying in Melbourne vic, (with home family) . What a unique place I’ve ever never been before~

I am independent , aesthetic , diligent person also opening-eyes to experience varied cities , coutres , people from the world.

I am super animals lover :dog: :dolphin: :dromedary_camel: :sauropod: , I always feel like have connection with those creatures no matter doggy ,kitty ,or large wild animals :heart_decoration: and won’t afraid of them.

Wishfully can make lovely friends in here !! You guys Have wonderful time :))



Welcome! I agree, Melbourne is a super place - I’ve visited a few times and will be returning in 2024! All the very best to you


I’ll be sitting in Melbourne 20 Dec-15 Jan if you want to meet up for coffee or a meal.


Hello Smiley :smiling_face:
Well say!! Melbourne is a massive city different unique spots and foods.Even though I’m trying to explose various areas day by day :smiley:


Hello Toml
So nice of u to say!! Sounds cool :grin:
Where u from?

If you click on @toml name you will see a link to his profile and can read more about him, and anyone as long as they’ve linked their profile :wink:

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I’m from the US - Washington, DC and Chapel Hill, NC most recently but have been sitting all over. I’ve also posted a meet-up message for Melbourne if you want to look at specific dates.

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Hi @Lily_soleil. Welcome to our community of pet and travel lovers. Thanks for introducing yourself – it’s always great to meet our new members.

Here’s the link to @toml’s meetup post:

Hello @Lily_soleil and a belated welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

… great photos btw :camera::+1:t2:

… how are you finding Melbourne? :australia::blush: