Take A Moment To Share A Pet & House Sitting Memory

“The best thing about memories is making them”

Do you have a favourite pet and housesitting memory you’d like to share or like me one you had forgotten about until something happened to remind you of a pet, person or place that has made your pet and housesitting lifestyle such a very special journey?

2014 …“The green, green grass of Hay” with special boys Bute & Moss and a ball
Today a friend asked me “Do you remember when you were in Hay on Wye looking after the two collies?” then she sent me this photo I had taken, one of my better ones I must say (I’ve got more than 5 thousand others, mostly pets) it brought back memories of a wonderful 4 week pet sitting stay which I had almost forgotten about.

We were living in Vancouver, Canada and spent 3 months sitting around the UK, Spain and France, the dear friend who reminded me lives in Hay and we were able to share time together through pet and housesitting. :heart_eyes: :camera_flash:


Here’s a memory from a small village just outside of Canterbury, England where we spent about 3 weeks at a lovely sit with Jaffa in May 2018. Our favourite part was the beautiful “walkies” through the countryside every day. This is a sit I would have returned to in a flash, but sadly, poor Jaffa passed over the rainbow bridge this past year. I can honestly say he was my favourite dog of all the ones we’ve looked after so far.


I would love to do a sit in Wales. Honestly, I just love the entire of the UK countryside.

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Our favorite house sitting memory was looking after Shadow the Wonder Dog, in a spectacular coastal setting in Tasmania, Australia, in 2016. Shadow has since crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, but we will always cherish the memories of walking along the beach and playing in the ocean with him. We still keep in touch with his owners we consider as friends and hope to go back someday to look after their new dog.


This is dear Gabby whom I took care of for two months when he was 20 years old, along with his friend “Fishy” in the pond who kept him company, his Magpie Friend who he shared his breakfast with, and his Water Dragon Lizard friends who also liked a swim in the pool.

Dear Gabby passed away yesteday at 21 1/2 years of age. I have been crying my eyes out since I heard the news, as has been the other lady who has also cared for him when his owners have been away.

This is not the first time an elderly pet I have taken care of has passed away, and I am heart-broken every time. The love you feel for them when you take care of them does not end when you leave them.

Rest In Peace dear Gabby


Karen, thank you so much for sharing your memory of very special times spent with Gabby.

We are so very sorry for the loss of your friend. The pets we care for become our pets, we love them just as if they were our very own and when they pass the pain and sadness we feel is for the pet who became special to us and for their family at home, knowing the heartbreak they are going through.

We know how you are feeling you are not alone I have been through this too, as have many other sitters. Our thoughts are with you, his other Trustedhousesitters and Gabby’s family at this very sad time.

Sending warm and healing wishes.
Angela & The Team

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One of my favorite memories is taking care of Tina in Perth, Australia. We were there for nearly a month and the homeowners gave us permission to travel with her so we went on a few overnight trips. She would get so excited in the car! She also drooled so much we had to set up a towel “drool sling”


Meet Maisie! This gorgeous older darling was my companion for a month on my last sit. We enjoyed loads of spectacular walks in the Yorkshire countryside. I couldn’t have asked for a better walking buddy and got quite attached to her, I would have happily taken her home with me if I could!

I loved everything about that sit - the location was brilliant, the house was fabulous with incredible views, and the animals (also a kitten and a horse) were amazing. This sit is the one that I would hop on a plane any time to return to, I hope to be invited back some day!


What a cutie. Love the drool sling :rofl: