Technical question - Forum profile pic

We added a profile pic of ourselves on our THS profile.

I’ve not been successful adding a profile pic her in the Forum. Perhaps, it’s not so important.

I’ve successfully navigated to where a Forum profile pic is loaded. I select the option to “add a Custom Picture”. It uploads fine but it won’t save. I get the message, “An error occurred: Sorry, we can’t find any avatar associated with that email address. Can you try uploading it again?”

What might I be doing wrong? Could it be the browser I am using - Safari?

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Hmmm good question but sure I’ve seen this before but I’m tagging our resident tech guru @geoff.hom to see if he might better know what could be happening here. Any chance you’d be able to share screenshots of this error message?

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Gremlins?? I tried to recreate the issue to grab a screenshot. Of course…the pic uploaded just fine this time. Go figure.

Case closed.

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