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Hi there!
Is there a “trick” to uploading my profile picture?

I’ve tried using jpeg, png, tiff…in sizes ranging from 5.7mg down to 545kb…nothing working so far.

Does it want a pdf or bmp or something crazy? Thanks for any help/suggestions.

Sometimes this helps- I’ll email myself a photo that I need to upload to a website/App then I take a screenshot of the emailed photo or I’ll save it to my phone from the email. I don’t know why this works but it often does…. it’s mystery to me.

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Hello @JackieHudson Welcome to the community. It is lovely to have you here! Is it your forum profile picture you need help with or your THS one?

If it is the forum one feel free to DM me and I can assist you with that. If it is your THS profile photo I found this help desk article You can also reach out to Membership Services here. I hope that you get it sorted soon :slight_smile:

Hi Carla, thank you . We finally figured out that the jpegs work. My husband couldn’t find what type of document was needed for the upload anywhere on the site. Maybe we missed it. Anyway, we’re good now and the pictures are up!

Cheers and thank you for your email!


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@JackieHudson I’m glad you got it sorted. Anything else feel free to post and ask. If the forum community can’t help they will direct you to help desk articles, blogs or Membership Services :slight_smile:

Hi Carla, we just noticed that there was a referral page – we heard about TrustedHousesitters from Gwen and Mark. They have used your service a few times, and told us about you, but I guess they didn’t know that they could refer us through the app and receive 2 months off their membership.

Would you be able to refer me to the person I should be speaking with at Trusted Housesitters to see if the Kennedys can receive their 2 free months?

Thank you!

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@JackieHudson That is fantastic that you found THS via referral. Please email and explain what happened so they can assist you with this. If you have the email address of the members who referred you (the one they use for THS) please include that in the email to Membership Services.

Good luck with everything and thank you friends from the Forum team for referring you. :star_struck: