Testing my listing

Hi guys,
I’ve just launched my listing and would welcome any views / tips / tricks.
Thanks so much

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Hello Jo and welcome!

From the standpoint of a full time sitter, I think your listing is very well done. Your beautiful dog and lovely home look great.

You describe the responsibilities involved well and the that the sitter would need to have experience with larger dogs, discussed the sleeping options for the sitter, what amenities the home has and what is within a walkable area.

I would suggest that you talk to your insurance company about the car, though. We travel almost exclusively without a car so we would only be able to do the sit using your car. However, at a recent sit in the UK, we had planned on using the homeowners car until they checked with their insurance company. The insurance would no longer allow additional driver to be temporarily added.

While we are booked up through most of the summer, we would certainly apply to future sits if it included the use of the car.

Dan and Nan

Thanks so much for your detailed reply @Danandnan. I think we’d be ok getting the car insured, as we’ve done it before.

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That’s good! The sitters we sat for had done it in the past, too. That’s why they were so surprised when they said no.


You already did a great job! We’d maybe add info about distance to the next supermarket + public transport and if you provide bikes. We always take the “sitters need a car” notice with a grain of salt and most sits with this badge can actually be done without a car, but in your case it really looks like a car is needed?

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In that case @JoAllan I recommend you change ‘sitters need a car’ to ‘use of car included’ which will be attractive.
Your home and Brodi look great. I applaud you for your honesty in management of Brodi so that you can be pretty certain to attract the right kind of sitter.
I love that you mention Brodi would like to walk with Susan Garrett! Would be interesting to see how she manages him :grin: