Thanksgiving Sitting

I just went live with a request for a sit over Thanksgiving. I am hesitant to book my flights yet, as I don’t know if sitters are willing to give up their holidays to sit. Has anyone had good luck or bad luck with this time of year?
Thank you!

There is a post about Christmas sitting that shows lots of people wanting to sit over holidays. Where is your location? Canadian or US Thanksgiving?

I sat last T’giving with a pair of miniature horses and a flock of bantam hens in Miami.
This year it will be with a trio of dogs on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in southern California.
I’m sure you will find someone.


My kids are on their own now and I have family in various states so most my holidays are with my boyfriend’s family locally and now I want to travel at holidays and do my own thing-travel slowly and blend with the locals and be with animals and maybe sit near where my family is. To me it its a win win for all and I love it! I just joined THS and have my first sit next week and am looking for a holiday sit. I feel like it is a great way to spend the holidays!


US Thanksgiving!

Yes, that is my plan. I plan to book the flights if I can get a great sitter!

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I am a Premium member, how do I boost my listing. I am looking for a sit over Thanksgiving and it is not going well.

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Hi @Pignap apologies for the delay in responding. I have just checked your listing and either you managed to work it out or you were able to connect with our Membership Services Team because your listing has been boosted … For future ref and any other Premium (or Standard) Member looking to boost their listing, go into your dashboard

  • click on manage dates

Screenshot 2021-10-12 at 19.59.03

The box will say “Boost Dates” - yours is boosted
Save & confirm dates

Listing is boosted …

Where are you located and where are you wanting to sit over the holidays?

I am located in Salem, Massachusetts. Looking for sitter November 23- Nov 30.

No worries, I did figure it out, but thanks for the reply.

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If you can provide the use of a car, that might help. Rental cars have become outrageously expensive (when you can get one), and I’ve made travel and sit decisions based on that factor.

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We’re in Canada and just returned yesterday from a wonderful house sit over our Thanksgiving weekend. We did a sit three hours north of us and got to visit our son for Thanksgiving dinner on the way back.


Hi Pet Lovers,

I joined the site as I am looking for a sitter for about 6 weeks from the week to Thanksgiving through 1st or 2nd week of January.

I have a cat, a house and now I am looking for a cat lover to help me with my cat.

Cheers, Petra

I only see one house sit in Salem for those dates, so it must be yours! I’ve actually looked at the listing several times and was really interested. The only reason I didn’t apply is that I like longer house-sits, unless I can find back-to-back sits in the same area. (I house-sit full time, so in between sits, the Airfare and Airbnb costs can really add up).

If you ever need a sitter for two weeks, or longer, I’d love to do it!!

Oh, thank you for looking at my sit. Yes, it is only one week. If something else pops up that will dovetail with mine, let me know, I still don’t have anyone!


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Will do, Nancy.

I was just looking at your listing, Nancy. It looks like you found someone? I’m happy for you!

Maybe next time it will work out for me.

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I did just get someone, phew!! Can you do me a favor and Save my ilsiting, and then I can like it, and it is a great reminder to me to reach out to you directly for my next sit! Thanks for being so responsive.


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Hi Nancy,

I did mark your profile as one of my favorites.

Looking forward to house-sitting for you someday!!