Thanksgiving Sitting

I just went live with a request for a sit over Thanksgiving. I am hesitant to book my flights yet, as I don’t know if sitters are willing to give up their holidays to sit. Has anyone had good luck or bad luck with this time of year?
Thank you!

There is a post about Christmas sitting that shows lots of people wanting to sit over holidays. Where is your location? Canadian or US Thanksgiving?

I sat last T’giving with a pair of miniature horses and a flock of bantam hens in Miami.
This year it will be with a trio of dogs on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in southern California.
I’m sure you will find someone.


My kids are on their own now and I have family in various states so most my holidays are with my boyfriend’s family locally and now I want to travel at holidays and do my own thing-travel slowly and blend with the locals and be with animals and maybe sit near where my family is. To me it its a win win for all and I love it! I just joined THS and have my first sit next week and am looking for a holiday sit. I feel like it is a great way to spend the holidays!


May be it would be wiser to find a sitter and then book your flight, if you have many choices of departures or destinations ?

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US Thanksgiving!

Yes, that is my plan. I plan to book the flights if I can get a great sitter!

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I am a Premium member, how do I boost my listing. I am looking for a sit over Thanksgiving and it is not going well.

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Hi @Pignap apologies for the delay in responding. I have just checked your listing and either you managed to work it out or you were able to connect with our Membership Services Team because your listing has been boosted … For future ref and any other Premium (or Standard) Member looking to boost their listing, go into your dashboard

  • click on manage dates

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The box will say “Boost Dates” - yours is boosted
Save & confirm dates

Listing is boosted …

Where are you located and where are you wanting to sit over the holidays?

I am located in Salem, Massachusetts. Looking for sitter November 23- Nov 30.

No worries, I did figure it out, but thanks for the reply.

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If you can provide the use of a car, that might help. Rental cars have become outrageously expensive (when you can get one), and I’ve made travel and sit decisions based on that factor.

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We’re in Canada and just returned yesterday from a wonderful house sit over our Thanksgiving weekend. We did a sit three hours north of us and got to visit our son for Thanksgiving dinner on the way back.


Hi Pet Lovers,

I joined the site as I am looking for a sitter for about 6 weeks from the week to Thanksgiving through 1st or 2nd week of January.

I have a cat, a house and now I am looking for a cat lover to help me with my cat.

Cheers, Petra