That time of year again.........🙄

So it started last night, in the run up to Nov 5th…… Bonfire night in the UK… well it used to be Nov 5th, now it seems to last for 2-3 weeks.
Our two small dogs have hated it ever since the guy who lives next door to us set some off over our garden a few years ago, (they were fine up to then)… Now it means that I have the two of them in bed with me… not just in bed, they have to make sure that as much of their hot little doggie bodies pressed hard up against me, no matter where I move in bed, as possible :flushed::roll_eyes:

I’m not familiar with bonfire night, but it appears to be something loud, like fireworks? Sorry your little ones are not a fan of the loud noises. I don’t know many dogs that appreciate unnecessary bursts of noise outside their home. Hopefully it won’t be too intrusive this year. Enjoy those extra snuggles!

Hi Joanne, yes it is fireworks, they all seem to bang these days, when I was a kid a lot of them were quiet with only a few bangers. Yes will make the most off the extra snuggles, just lucky the lurcher isn’t bothered by them!:joy:


Apparently the less of a fuss we make of fireworks going off, the less our pets are affected as they pick up on our nervousness.
My own dog is completely unaffected by them. He and I stand at the window together watching them and listening to the bangs and hissing.
I feel v v sorry for horses left out in their fields tho. I wish all horses could be brought in at night.
I deffo think noiseless fireworks WILL come in, sometime in the future.

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@Foldor13 I’m so sorry for you and your pets.

Fireworks are many pet’s nightmare and it seems there are more firework “celebrations” than ever before, going on longer than ever.

Sharing some very good advice from the PDSA I hope this may help.

Unfortunately that theory doesn’t seem to apply here, as we never react to the fireworks ourselves and our lurcher, (who we didn’t have when the fireworks were let off over our garden) never worries about them…… the little ones don’t like thunderstorms either and I actually live them!
In my previous life I used to breed horses, cold blooded ones, (shires and Welsh cobs) and although they didn’t like the fireworks they would have hated being shut in stables even more…… luckily they had sufficient space to run outside……

It’s the same here in Germany at new year’s midnight.
It usually began with some bursts in the afternoon and also the next day. Now it’s a permanent noise beginning at least 3-5 days before new year’s eve and going on until way into the new year. Here selling the fireworks is only allowed on Dec 30+31 but obviously Amazon doesn’t give a s….
My cat is cool about it but I always fear my tom will have a heart attack. He usually keeps following me anywhere I go around the house but when there’s fireworks he hides somewhere in closets or underneath the sofa. Poor baby.