The downside of NO security at a sit

I followed the discussion of security cameras with interest as I’ve lived in places where I had them in the house (higher-crime city area) and places where I haven’t (low-crime rural area). As a woman who lives alone (except for pets) I completely understand the need.

I sat for a week for a HOs this summer who didn’t want to give me a key to the house because “she always left the doors open” due to her perception of low crime in the area. I actually had to search through the place after she left to find a key and lock up, because there is NO way I am going to stay in an unlocked house in an unfamiliar area. Also, there were (1) maids who came in to do laundry for the guest house on the property; (2) people coming and going who were boarding equines there; (3) guests coming on property who had rented the guest house; and (4) other people popping by. All friends of the HO but unknown to me.

There was an entry gate to the property but as one visitor commented “all her friends know or can guess the code” and it would be easy for someone to hop over the fence by the gate.

I’ve come to realize there were many violations of the THS rules by the HO but didn’t know this at the time, and she may not realize it either. I was also concerned that something would happen due to one of the many visitors and I would be blamed.

Has anyone else encountered an “inadequate security” situation?


I do a regular sit in Bali.
The villa is hidden behind a locked gate, walled garden, not really seen from the street. However, as with many villas in that region, there is a maid who comes 6 days a week, and a gardener, both of who have keys to the gate, the maid is also a “housekeeper” so has keys to everything.
I have done this sit 4 times now so kind of get used to the maid coming and going, and get on well with her, she speaks good English and has been helpful a few times when the Wifi has gone off, or power cuts - which happen a lot!
However, the last time I was there, one afternoon an elderly couple wandered through the garden to the back of the house, to refresh the flowers etc at the small Hindu Temple and statue. Every home in Bali has one.
I had never seen them before, but apparently, this was a regular visit!

The topic of maid/cleaner is probably a whole thread on its own! I even had a sit in Singapore where the dog walker continued to take the dogs out at midday - so obviously she had keys to the property.

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@HeelsDown yes I did a sit recently in Bristol where there was a lodger living in the basement and although he had a seperate basement entry, there was no lock between his basement and the ktchen /ground floor of the rest of the house…it was disconcerting especially as the HO had not told me and I just stumbled into his basement flat while exploring the house! I lived in Australia for many years in small country towns where not only were most houses not locked at night but it was seen as normal to leave car keys in the ignition…so I have had a pretty easy run with this sort of thing! With regard to this thread about security, I do think outside cameras are reasonable in detering such things as burglary and dog theft which is a real problem across the UK and they give added security and peace of mind to a sitter but I am dead against cameras being used inside the house while a sitter is staying.

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I’ve done a sit within a compound in a very low crime area and security guards around the clock on the entrance gates. I was urged to leave doors open at all times but I had a hard time obeying this invitation.

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