The “Find a Sitter” Landing Page

I accidentally selected the “Find a Sitter” page link instead of the “Find a Sit” (I’m a sitter only) and found a page populated with 24 apparently random sitters’ profile pics. There are further pages too.
I wondered what the criteria are for these appearances? They didn’t share locations, quantities of reviews or any commonality that I could see. Theoretically, as there were no search parameters, I myself could appear in any of the pages.
How does it work please @Ben-ProductManager or @Vanessa_A? Is it like the old phone book days when companies called themselves things like “AAAA Aardvark Plumbing” in an attempt to be first in the book :joy:?

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Hi @Saltrams is this what you saw? These are sitters profiles, the location is beneath the name and number of reviews are listed beneath the location. Pet Parents/Owners can search by location … All sitters are listed on the "Find A Sitter"page …

If this isn’t what you saw please forward a Screen Shot via DM to me and I will get Product to look into it.

To address the other part of your question @Saltrams, the sitter profiles shown are randomized, so different people show up each time the page is accessed. No “AAAA Aardvark Plumbing” to be the first shown.


Thanks chaps. @Angela_L, yes that is what I see and @Karen_E you have answered my question.
Looks like that’s the end of this thread then!

PS: looked at the page again today and…I appear on the top line!!! That just can’t t be random