Find A pet Sitter format

I noticed a short while ago that the website shows Find A Sitter in a new format. You used to be able to enter the place name & it would show the number of sitters and then multiple pages of thumbails of each sitter & number of reviews- maybe 40/50 profiles per page. Now it shows one sitter at a time, with their last review, and you scroll down, only 10 per page. I looked for my own profile and had to scroll to page 6 before finding mine. I am a sitter but if I was a host looking for a sitter I’d find it very time consuming having to scroll through so many pages and the 1st few I saw would get priority. Are the profiles displayed randomly? I.e each time logging on they are displayed in a different order? I preferred the previous format where you could glance at a large number of faces and see who you felt drawn to. Why has this been changed? I wonder what others think?

It’s a trial run for 50% of the sitters. You may want to check out this thread.

@Kelownagurl I think @Lokstar is asking about ‘find a sitter’, not ‘find a sit’. If I remember Ben’s answer correctly from a while ago, his response to this point is that they are testing various ways to display the sitters. I know mine changed. Although I’m a sitter, I sometimes look at ‘find a sitter’, for various reasons. I’m not sure Ben’s comment was in a dedicated post, so I won’t try looking for it.

@Lokstar, mine displays the new way for sitters and I agree that it severely reduces the number of sitters displayed per page. I’m going to tag @Ben-ProductManager and ask that he repeat his explanation when he returns online, after his vacation.


I am not one of those 50%- but interesting to see.
I was referring to the Find a Sitter page format- not Sits.
Sometimes I just like to browse through fellow sitter profiles.

I wonder if a sitter makes one single change to his / her profile, eg a spelling change, then does their profile jump to the top of the list ie page 1?

It has whenever I have tested that. Sometimes it takes 15 min or so to bump me to the top.

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@Snowbird thank you. It would be interesting to know the thought behind this change.