New sitter homepage

Hi Everyone,

We are running a test on the website over the next couple of weeks to improve the usability of the website for sitters. This will only show for 50% of existing sitter members.

The following changes will be made:

  • The homepage will be replaced with the existing Find A Sit page. This is the page that sitters use the most so by landing you on this page you will be able to find new sits more quickly.
  • As part of this change we have simplified the header navigation. To get to the find a sit homepage, simply click on the THS logo. The Find A Sitter page has been moved into the account dropdown menu.

This change is the first of a number of improvements we have lined up to help make it easier to find your next amazing sit. So be sure to keep an eye out for these over the coming months. :smiley:

Arjuna (Member Experience Designer)


There is no find a sit page? And there is no way of getting there. What have you done?

Edit the app is working ok but I can’t access the list of sits on the full site.

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@ElsieDownie maybe you’re not among the 50%?

So I can’t see the list of potential sits? That’s a bit unfair

It is working fine for me - :heavy_check_mark:

The Find a Sit page is accessed by clicking the logo or navigating to

When I’m in our inbox the drop down menu doesn’t have find a sit button. There isn’t one on the top bar either, just find a sitter


If you are in the 50% (which I think you are), then clicking the TrustedHousesitters logo should take you to the Find a Sit page. Please let me know if this isn’t the case for you.

As explained in the post above the sitter homepage (accessed by clicking the logo, or going to will be replaced with the existing Find A Sit page. To get to the new find a sit homepage, simply click on the THS logo.

Always always messing about with the website. Every week Im seeing a trial of some sort or another. 3 in short secession…Brits not being able to see overseas sits…then some home owners not being able to have more than 5 applicants (which also affects sitters) now this. Is it a case that youve got far too big for sucessful management THS ? For goodness sake leave things alone.


Hi @ElsieDownie Here’s a screenshot of what I’ve got on our account - this is from within our INBOX on the website version (this doesn’t apply to the app).

From the INBOX you are correct, it only has “find a sitter” - my understanding from @ArjunaTHS is that to return to the Home Page (now the equivalent of the Find a Sit page for the 50% selected for this test), you have to click the left most logo.

Hope that helps if you haven’t worked it out already, and for anyone else unsure.

Ive noticed that the app hasnt been working great since yesterday, so i guess im in the 50%.
I came on the forum to see if anyone else had an issue.
Basically say im searching for uk sits & go in to filter for say 1-2 weeks, when i go to view a sit and then go back it takes me right back so i have to put in the seach place & filters again.
I havent tried with the internet version yet but the apps will definitely take me longer.
Thankfully im not actively looking for a sit at the moment.

Ive just tried searching on the internet which appears to be as normal.
So not sure if im in the 50% or not.


I can’t say I agree with you @Poppy47 at all. Most of the members are asking for more improvements to the website not less. I bet most of the changes are made as a direct result of member feedback and not because THS like tinkering with it. We need updates to the availability calendar and review system.
The 5 applicants thing is a policy change not a change of functionality. For goodness sake keep making changes.


My world is upside down!
Only change I am seeing and I love it! :joy:

A good navigator will find the way!


Hi Gina,

This is a web change so only affects the website and the only changes are the ones listed above.

If you’ve been having problems with the app itself, feel free to reach out with your specific issues



@Amparo North America looks cat like at a pinch!! :upside_down_face: Update: Kissing a piglet :heart_eyes: (I haven’t been drinking honest)!!

My question concerns what if you are a homeowner and a sitter? It was mentioned that this was a change only for sitters, so how will combination memberships be affected?

There are no changes to owners or combined members

Thank you very much. Works perfectly now.

Didn’t read that bit this morning. In a bit of a hurry. And it’s me that’s always lecturing read everything thoroughly…… ops.


Is there an easy way of knowing if I’m in the new club with the cool guys?