The most frustrating thing about house sitting is …

Trying to work the tv control!!!
We are moderately IT savvy BUT understanding the TV remote is different in every sit! We are currently on a sit and last night sat and watched TV in the beautiful lounge but as it was a bit chilly, tonight we are in the ‘snug’ with a very different TV control. Given up and going to bed😩 Every single sit really does have a different system.


@Home may that be your only frustration with sitting :wink:



I never turn on the TV or audio equipment at hosts’ homes or in hotels. I prefer my iPad, music, and streaming accounts, because portability allows me to go inside or out, from room to room, and to pick up where I left off (including when I leave and fly).

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We have a cable that connects our ipad to a Smart TV. Sure, it’s something we have to carry around but we use our own subscriptions and have minimal remote operation.

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So do I but it doesn’t work outside the UK unfortunately

@Home yes! At my current sit I finally worked out which 2 of the 4 remotes on the coffee table are the ones to use (no idea what the other 2 are for!) and discovered that the tv remote also controls the gaming tv at the other end of the lounge - I must have been waving it around too much.

The other gadget that baffled me was the microwave - sooo many buttons. I finally gave in and WhatsApp-ed the HO because all my meals need microwaving - turns out it’s so simple when you know how.

Thankfully the air frier is so new that the instructions are on top of it, so I experimented with a pie (oh so adventurous!) which I bought especially so I could try it (I’m not really an adventurous cook).

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I travel with an Amazon firestick so once connected just need to turn the tv on and use my remote.

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Smiley are you saying because of the cable or the streaming service? I got a VPN so the streaming services do not know I am out of the country?

I don’t know….

Not being able to even talk to people even though their listings are perfect in every way but there’s a day overlap.

Can you tell I’m having one of those days….

No written schedule or time based breakdown of what has to be done when. Especially when there are several animals, or various medications.
Instead you have to refer to your own notes, maybe read the several pages of paragraph based instructions from the owner, or re-watch the videos they recorded for you just to remind yourself “how many cups of food at what times”. Have only had a welcome guide at 50% of sites so far, and sometimes the welcome guide is outdated and contradicts other instructions they have written elsewhere.
Just leave me a list of times of the day with what has to be done in a short description against each time, and I’d be less frustrated. Put list in the kitchen so my partner and I can both read it (welcome guide is only good for the person who signed up to THS and has the app).
Venting complete :joy:

I let hosts know in a friendly way that I won’t follow through with a sit if I don’t get a welcome guide in good time. (I’m flexible about what platform or medium it comes in, but I’m not going in blind. I don’t think any sitter should.)

If I get a welcome guide that’s disorganized or incomplete, I make myself a daily checklist (and other key notes) and send to my hosts for review before they leave. Sending prompts them to confirm, fill in blanks or tweak as needed, in writing.

Haven’t had problems making that work so far, 11 sits in. If I ever encounter a host who can’t even do that, then I’ll note in a friendly way that I’m not comfortable doing such a sit and they can figure out alternative home and pet care.

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I hate figuring out other people’s TV remote controls :laughing:

My house guide has pictures of both of my remotes*, with instructions on which buttons to press. (*I’m pretty retro so, although i now have a smart TV, I also have a DVD player.)

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@Home. There’s a quick fix for this. Buy an HDMI cable. Not cheap but good to have. Any smart TV will have an input. It should be relatively easy to figure out which button on any remote you’ll need to press. Then just watch your streaming services on the nice big screen.