What technology makes sits easier/better for you?

I’ve been a sitter for two years and might list my own home for sits- what technology has made sitting easier or better for you?

Personally, I love when homes have keypads instead of keyed locks; litter robots for cats; and apps like Savant for me to access an owner’s streaming channels.

Am wondering what others have come across that they really like. Thanks for any tips!

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Self cleaning litter tray was a big plus when looking after several cats.
I mostly carry things with me that make my life easier - portable VPN router that connects me back to my home so my boss doesn’t know I’m anywhere else and Google TV dongle so I have my own streaming with me without messing around with the owners settings


This got my attention as I work from home.

High Tech (electronics)

  1. I use a Deeper dVPN so I can access my own streaming and usually works.
    1.1 If the previous option didn’t work, I keep a PiHole running at a family members home when I can access things directly from their home network. Super technical, but handy.
  2. Automatic feeders and the animals being chipped. This is particularly helpful if you have multiple animals and/or if a critter can’t self regulate it’s eating. Or if you have a dog or cat that eats all the other animals food unless watched carefully.
  3. WhatsApp for communication with the homeowner. This solves so many issues and helps make the homeowner feel at ease and makes it easy in case things go sideways because the TH messaging isn’t great.
  4. Chromecast so I can use the TV as a monitor.
  5. Extra power cord for laptop in case main one breaks so I don’t have to wait for replacement.

Low tech stuff

  1. Kitchen knives. I always bring my own because I love to cook and dull knives are no fun.
  2. In more broad sense, if driving to the home, I bring any cooking gear I use daily because you never know if it’ll be at the home.
  3. Medium sized dog and cat harnesses. I keep a couple of each in my travel bag because they take up no room and I have a family member in the vet world and so many dogs have trachea damage from using a regular collar so I carry a few sizes with me so I don’t add to the issue. If the dog/cat is too big for them, I carry paracord and a few carabiners and I rig one up from that. Also, if you live in an evac zone for some natural disaster (like fires this year) and you’re sitting cats, this adds a lot of piece of mind for me because dogs are easy to manage but if you have to evac but with a cat, a harness is critical so you can get them back into the kennel after a bathroom break.

I really liked the Bissell Pet Pro floor cleaner that they had at a sit. I looked for a Youtube video for how to operate it, and then the final cleaning was a breeze!

Youtube is also such great tech, much easier than reading manuals, I often use it for unknown kitchen equipment, laundry machines, etc at sits. Just read the brand and model name and number, and there is always an instruction video or review somewhere.


Electric chickens!
An electronically operated chicken door in their coop which opens and closes at dawn and dusk - saves you getting up early to open up


Multiple channels to communicate with HOs. Like when WhatsApp stopped working for us, we easily switched to Signal.

I also use an app called Every Time Zone (pictured), which gives you a one-stop glance at various time zones of your choosing. I telecommute and work with folks globally and HOs sometimes travel over multiple time zones.

Along those lines, I love that Google Calendar, Zoom and Calendly can be integrated to do scheduling and automatically adjust for multiple parties across all their time zones. It would be a nightmare otherwise with mtgs involving many folks.

I also love that apps like Netflix and Prime video travel with me. I never use the HOs’ video or TV. I have everything on my iPad and it picks up without effort where I left off and is portable from room to room or outdoors.


We love our Bissell at home. Like when our dog has barfed on occasion and has done it in multiple spots. We also use a black light to easily spot multiple messes quickly in various rooms.


This app is great for flying to sits and otherwise. At times, it’s even given me updated gate info before the airline has posted on airport monitors.

Apps like DoorDash, Deliveroo and Grab are terrific for delivering groceries to me on sits or otherwise, domestically or abroad. They often save me carrying a bunch of groceries when I don’t have wheels and introduce me to good restaurants for delivery. As someone who telecommutes on sits, I especially value that.


Also great for keeping track of HOs and sitters when there are delays by weather etc. Just ask them for their or give them your flight number.


Yup, you sure can. I’ve never done that, though.

Why not: When I fly to a sit, I ping the HOs when I’m about to take off and they’ve reciprocated. They usually even tell me when they’ve landed and when they expect to reach home.

If I need to, I’ll nudge ahead of time and say, please let me know so your pet(s) and I will be there to welcome you home. I’m sure (pet’s name) will be excited to see you!

@Maggie8K Yes, but sometimes cellphones don’t not work, when airplanes are kept circling or when they are forced to turn around. Hurricanes, dense fog, or that large traffic-control software failure in the UK a month ago.

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We have the same one in our storage unit. It’s amazing for cleaning up after pets, but also for cleaning your car seats…

I travel with my amazon firestick. I have a vpn on it so I can watch UK catch up.

Japan have all singing all dancing toilets lots of buttons wasn’t sure which ones to press so didn’t.walked past cubicles toilet seat all started to lift up.was so funny.oh and they are heated.

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@Genevere ahh yes I remember the first time I used a toilet in Japan! I love it that they play lovely music for you too :notes::joy:


I may be in the minority :upside_down_face: but I feel better having a real key vs. electronic keypad, and I also prefer a regular litter box vs automatic! Both times I’ve had litter robot, it’s malfunctioned (I literally didn’t do a thing & it ended up frozen) - and I think some owners don’t maintain them well or clean them enough. I think cleaning a kitty’s litter is actually important to staying on top of their health, so I don’t mind it honestly. I’d prefer to do it myself vs. have a robot.

I prefer whatsapp for sending pet updates for sure.
Otherwise, I’m pretty low maintenance on the tech - I will use their tv/streaming options if I can get them to work, otherwise I watch things on my laptop no problem.

Oh and I always carry a mini-portable extension cord I found on amazon with me, so I don’t have to hunt down one in every house!


I use DoorDash, Instacart, Deliveroo, Grab and other such apps for groceries and meal delivery everywhere, including during sits. Love them. Don’t have to carry heavy groceries without a car. And you can schedule ahead and for instance time to when you arrive, including for homes and hotels. Depending on where you are, you can also get liquor, office products, pet products and other stuff delivered. Some places even deliver souvenirs.

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@Genevere , we did a sit in Australia a few months ago for a Japanese lady and she had a Japanese toilet fitted - it was the highlight of the sit !


Hope you managed to work it out was a wee bit scared to push some of the buttons.in case it ejected me.

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I sat in a home that had Sonos speakers all over the house connected to the Sonos app. I was able to play an album called Relax My Dog, Dog Music Dreams – separation anxiety eliminator. It was so peaceful and relaxing for the dogs and for me! Both the dogs and I went to sleep by it. I also had it set to play Bach Brandenburg Concertos/and other baroque selections in the morning, perfect! Found it here so you can hear it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iyrk9dVXuJU