What technology makes sits easier/better for you?

Ok, own up , who flagged my post where I said that i liked soft closing toilet seats as being offensive, abusive or hateful?!?

Im struggling to believe that someone has reported my two sentence post because they are offended by my mention of either A toilet seat, the phrase ’ fancy pants’ or the phrase 'where the sun don’t shine ’ :thinking:

@Colin OMG I can’t believe that happened! Struggling to understand why also. :face_with_monocle::roll_eyes:

@ziggy , I’m thinking either the system doesn’t like the word ‘pants’ - or we have a very sensitive soul in the group :thinking: :zipper_mouth_face:

Colin, apparently it takes two flags for a post to be hidden :person_shrugging: I know of another member who posted something that to people from certain countries find a normal phrase but apparently in other countries it is considered rude. I think THS being global, people don’t get that certain terms can have different connotations in different countries. Who knows anymore :disguised_face:

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WhatsApp. Appreciate an instantaneous way to communicate free worldwide with the HO!

Not tech but…. my own pillow and bedding in case the host provides feather based ones.