Which 4 Essential items

That you couldn’t be without on a sit.
Not including food or clothes

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Not including Food/Clothing and anything necessary like passport etc… our top 4 are probably:

  1. Camera - We love taking photos of the pets we look after
  2. Laptops - For editing photos, watching tv/films, looking up places to go and just other general browsing
  3. Nintendo Switch - Entertainment
  4. Some Board Games - Again, more entertainment

(Shameless plug - we actually wrote a blog post about some of the other essential tech we bring with us to all our housesits)


Mobile phone charger it is also used to charge ipad.
Favourite tea bags of coffee.
Hubby insists on a tourch.
Road map ,sometime sat navigation gets it wrong.

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Travel bath plug - because I love a baths so much, but it’s also helpful for the current sit I’m on where the plug for the sink doesn’t fit properly
Laptop - for remote working and connecting with friends and family
Oversized “Namastay home with my cat” mug - because I like a big cuppa to start my day, not a dainty cup
Swedish reindeer fridge magnet - a little something that is mine wherever I am


Don’t have much space in our backpacks but I think laptop, chargers, ear plugs, and our bananagrams game do it for me.

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1 books, i always ask HO If they own many books (some people don’t read at all…) and what kind, in order to know If i need to bring some (it’s heavy and in remote places i’m not sure to find any english ones i would like to read)

2 camera

3 laptop

4 medecines (If i’m following a treatment, as it’s pretty hard to buy any abroad with a french prescription)

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  1. Kindle

  2. iPhone

  3. Bose bluetooth speaker

  4. A child’s fishing net to catch any bats which find their way into the house.

  5. :innocent: As we generally drive to sits in Europe, our Jura bean-to-cup coffee machine with plenty of our own blend of beans - 50% Lavazza and 50% Costco Columbian. ESSENTIAL!


Welcome to the group Ian-Metz (do you live in Jura ? ) How bats can like to stay inside a house (so much light !!!)

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Thanks @Provence

I turned the lights out and managed to persuade the bat to go out of the back door. Somehow!

We live in England, Jura is a brand of coffee machines - though we’d be happy to go there also :grinning:


Hi @Ian-metz welcome to the Forum community, thank you for joining we can’t wait to get to know you better and to hear about your TrustedHousesitters journey.

Enjoy the conversations, sharing experiences and connecting with members from around the world …

Angela & The Team

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