Communication tools between owner and sitter

Hello, in your experience, what is the best communication method between home owner and sitter when they are in different countries? I want a reliable, quick and easily accessible one, preferably with the option of video calls. Thank you!

Hi @KRISSY27 and welcome to the forum. When communicating with owners who are overseas, we use WhatsApp, whether it’s a video chat, normal chat, message or photos.


Hi @KRISSY27 Once I am confirmed for a sit, I discuss this with the owners. I let them know what I use personally (WhatsApp, texting, email), and then ask their preferences. I recently had someone who was most comfortable with Messenger, and so I downloaded it and we used that.

I also mention that I have FaceTime and Skype but rarely use either, but can make sure I have that easily accessible, if it’s their preference. I just try to find what’s comfortable for each of us. I’m still a WhatsApp fan though, so I probably mention that one first and more often than the others. :wink:

Oh and for some reason, the video chat before being confirmed usually seems to be on Zoom.


Thank you!

Thank you so much! I will look into whatsapp. I am a messenger fan.:slight_smile:

Messenger would work well too. Just give owners/sitters these options.

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@KRISSY27 I don’t know how many times I’ve phoned people using WhatsApp and they say ‘Oh, are you home already?’ When I ask why they say it’s because the clarity of the call is amazing. I also like it because you use your own phone number as your ID, so it’s not complicated. The video chats still don’t make me look any younger, but there’s only so much I can expect from a free service. :smirk:


Our preference, and so far all our HOs as well, is WhatsApp.

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I’ve always used whatsapp with HOs unless we’re already friends on FB then we’d likely use messenger.


Another vote for what’s app.

Thanks. I do like some video calls to see my pets.

Often when we apply for sits, I ask if they use Whatsapp & pass my number should they wish to chat. I had the best conversations with the owners we’ll be sitting for later in the year :+1: & they’re all lovely people.

Heaps better than SMS.

Zoom and WhatsApp are go to choice. We have them both set up on our phones and laptop. We go to the laptop during interviews so we don’t need to hold the phone and the video quality is better. We always confirm what is the HO preference. In some counties they are more accustomed to different messaging apps like Viber ( Eastern Europe), Kakao Talk (Korea) and Line ( Japan).

In some other countries, Dubai, and Qatar, they are banned altogether. Luckily other apps work e.g. Google meet, or one needs to use VPN. Strangely they ae not banned in most hotels.

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Yes, in China everything is banned and their WeChat application is the main commination tool. All other apps required a VPN connection. In Asia all communication tools are tighly integrated with their financial structure and are also used as a primary form of digital payments.

Another vote for WhatsApp… And for house-sitting particularly as it’s easy to set up and use a group. Both homeowners can be added, and both Ian and I too. We’ve often been asked to do so they both see updates.