The TrustedHousesitters Online Christmas Party - Making decorations!

With restrictions in place again in the UK, the long awaited Team Trusted Christmas Party was sadly rearranged from an in-person event to an online afternoon, with the help of “The Crafty Hen”, whose representative guided us through a fun tutorial making lovely felt tree decorations!

It’s no mean feat organising an event like this and Holly and Carly did a wonderful job distributing the kits to us all at our homes. And then we spent a couple of hours creating a selection of decorations… with various degrees of professionalism I have to admit!! But really, who’d have known there were so many talented “sewing” enthusiasts in our team - just look at the results!

A good time had by all, lots of laughs and lots of fun! Here are the lovely smiling faces of our remote working team as they present their puddings to the world!!

Would love to see some seasonal decorations you, or your kids, or your grand-kids have made. I know in our family some have been treasured for many years!!


Thank you @Vanessa-Admin for sharing and to Holly & Carly for your party arranging skills …

My questionable sewing skills were helped by a very welcome G&T … Not a bad pudding & tree though, what do you think? …

Marks out of 10 please :evergreen_tree: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:





So sweet!
Seems like a great place to work. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And what a creative idea for a holiday gathering!
I’m glad you all had fun, despite the changes in plans.