They Come In Three Colors, Known To Eat Socks, Collect Sticks - & Are The Most Popular Housesitting Canine Member (By Numbers)

*The Labrador Retriever, Labrador or just Lab for short… they’re the ultimate furry family member! It’s no surprise these pooches are one of the most popular breeds amongst American families - they’re bursting with bags of energy with an inspiring zest for life and enthusiasm for all things fun." … Do you share your life with one of these adorable souls?


Well well well, I never knew the red fox Labrador wasn’t considered a separate colour!

Always learning eh :grin:


We just looked after our first red fox labrador. Very gorgeous color, along with perfect temperament!


Hi @Angela-HeadOfCommunity Thank you for sharing a very interesting article. I have seen chocolate, golden, yellow, and black Labrador Retrievers. I find it fascinating that there are red fox, white, and silver Labrador Retrievers. The silver with blue eyes sounds beautiful.

My very first pet sit was in February 2021 and it was with a Labrador Retriever. His name is Bailey and he was such a fun, energetic, and playful companion. As mentioned in the article, he loved to retrieve his balls, go on runs, and became my shadow. He was also highly intelligent and teachable/trainable.

On the final day of the pet sit, a water work of tears began as I departed the driveway. I had just lost my bestie dog Rocko the month prior. I believe the tears came in part of losing my best friend and having to say goodbye to a newfound friend. Even when I was invited back and reunited with Bailey, the tears came once more.

I will always remember my first and cherish the moments I spent with Bailey.

Thank you for being a friend Bailey:


Thank you for sharing @sharondc

“You left paw prints on my heart” :dog: :purple_heart: :dog:

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