Things have changed

I agree totally Provence, I recently advertised a sit, as the sitter that I had previously accepted several months ago cancelled, and the first couple who applied this time seemed like a very good fit, even though they are news to THS and it is their first sit so they had no reviews. We arranged a Zoom meeting for a couple of days later and I paused the applications straight away. My reason for pausing the applications is that I know several people have saved my listing and some of them seem like they would be a good fit on another occasion. My worry is that if people are not accepted several times they might stop applying, which would be a real shame. Following the Zoom meeting I accepted the sitters, even though they were the first and only applicants due to my pausing the sit.


I got a note from a HO last week saying “Thank you for your application, but we have decided to go with someone else”. I was not too surprised to be declined - It was in New York (very popular) and I have no TH reviews yet. The sit is still being listed so I am laughing at the idea that they really meant “we have decided to go with someone else. We don’t know who yet, but definitely someone else, and not you.” You can’t take these “rejections” personally!


I also chose the first sitter (after writing back and forth and also a video call) as a perfect fit. One other application I turned down, not only because the reviews only had 4 stars in reliable, pet care and organized but because the applicant was from another country, which I don’t want at the moment.
After we decided to do the video call I paused the listing and confirmed right after talking to her for 1.30hrs.
I don’t see the difference if you choose Nr 1 or Nr 50…there can be only one anyway.

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@Lassie thats for sure…you would drive yourself crazy if you take it personally…just move on!

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@Dusenzofe yes and your finishing line made me smile as it reminded me of a film (not a great film but film buffs will know it) Christopher Lambert in ‘Highlander’ the plot being immortals on Earth who must do battle with each other until only one remains and the famous line in that is ‘There can be only one!’ Sorry dont mean to be flippant…just jogged my memory of all those films some of us watch on our travels…thats provided we can work the remote!!


Hahaha, :rofl::rofl::rofl: I chose the finishing line exactly because of this movie.
I have seen it at least 15 times and during lockdown we watched it for the first time in 20 years. I still love it.


We have been members for about 2 months and we found that to be our experience initially as well. We then got a mix (that’s how we knew that people were canceling due to Covid in a few situations).

It’s easy to say, but try not to take it personal. I followed all the advise I read on here and applied for ones closer to our home, and less “desirable” ones (for example Maine in January, Connecticut in Feb) and had more response.

We got our first assignment by agreeing to a 6 week stay in the Northeast in winter. It works for us because we have family there, too.

Try to be patient


How to you rescind? I didn’t know that was an option

This is only for an application we’ve made but not been accepted yet.

I don’t have one in play right now so I can’t check, but I think you can just go into your message inbox and choose the sit and where it says the dates you’ve applied, just click it again. If I remember correctly, it will warn you or something and then just say yes.

This is all by memory so you may have to play around with it and see.

Maybe someone else can chime in?

I guess that makes sense - seems so simple! Thanks

Morning @Cyn @Kelownagurl … I’m going to tag @Therese-MembershipService so that she can confirm the most up-to-date process, but I think, also from memory, that if you haven’t confirmed a sit (which has to be cancelled by the owner member or MS), it’s a case of “declining” the dates.

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Hi @Cyn Yes as @Kelownagurl and @Vanessa-Admin mention, if the dates haven’t been confirmed or cancelled by the owner, then in your message inbox, there is a button for your to decline the dates. If the owner has agreed and confirmed you, you would simply press the Accept button in your inbox. I hope this helps.


We have had a similar experience after taking a break for a year due to Covid. It isn’t due to 40+ applications at all (as admin states), we have had this happen with only 4-7. I think many people are wanting ‘local’ sitters, but for some reason are not stating this on sit advertised. Perhaps they are hedging their bets in case the perfect sitter doesn’t come along? It is understandable with the current travel climate that people feel more secure with local sitters. THS should really spend more time with HO’s and check their listings.
One example we had was a sit in Boston recently which denied our application without any reason but kept the sit open. I’m sure it was because we were not local, but as experienced sitters with 5 star reviews it felt terrible to be dismissed without a ‘thanks but no thanks’.


Yes, things have definitely changed, some for the better, some for the worst.
Gone are the days when a sitter applied, had a conversation or video call, was accepted, turned up on the correct day, took great care of the pets, house and garden, left, was thanked.
Now, we all stress about everything. Our application, is it detailed enough, the supplementary question list, have I answered the questions in the way the pet companion will understand, is there enough pictures of the pets and home, is there too many pictures of the pets and home, do I speak the language well enough, do I have enough knowledge about the pet types, insurance (don’t start me on that one), is the house clean/tidy enough, can I cope with the pets habits, what parts of the house am I allowed in, is there enough space for food storage, is there enough space for personal belongings storage, what happens …if…, where’s the nearest bus stop, will someone collect me from the station/airport. Hen we get onto the reviews….to do or not do that is the question, tell the truth or fluff it, stamp your little foot if you don’t get one, stamp your big foot if you don’t like the one you do get.
And all the time we expect THS to solve everything we don’t like.

Ah, bring back the days independent travellers were independent travellers and THS was a site we used to get a pet fix and all the problems were solved between sitter and pet companion.

But……that was only three years ago………

PS. This is a tongue in cheek post and not meant to be taken serious. I was bored while eating my breakfast.


I agree with you. We started pet-sitting early 2010 and hadn’t a clue what we were doing but learned as we went along. Nothing seemed to go wrong or if it did it will make good reading for when we write our book, Bill Bryson style.
Having joined the Forum this April I don’t know whether it is a good thing and I have seriously felt like leaving.
I am being swept along with all of the worrying issues that you mention which I never used to worry too much about.
Many members do ask questions that are already on the Website and, yes, seem to want THS to resolve.


I think that forums like this inevitably are used by sitters venting when things go wrong and/or by new sitters that are over-cautious asking for help and advice - The end result of this is that the forum can quickly become one negative sounding post after another …which in turn gives a very false impression of pet sitting in general. The truth, as we all know is that in reality it is a fantastic lifestyle and the positives far outweigh the negatives.
Maybe we need a ‘feel good Friday’ when, for one day a week, only positive posts & comments are allowed?


Hi @Rob and welcome to the community forum - we hope you enjoy your time here connecting with members and contributing to the conversations. I think you are right, that when the borders were closed or with restrictions, people were preferring to take local sitters to guard against as much disruption as possible. I know we’ve been contacted over and over for sits in France where the owners have wanted someone in the country. As things open up I think confidence will be regained in using international sitters. See this recent post… Are homeowners happy to accept foreign sitters yet?

You’ll see as you explore the forum that encouraging the best communication possible between members is something TrustedHousesitters are focusing on with messaging, blogs and emails, but with all the will in the world, it would be impossible to “mentor” every new member whether owner or sitter given the many thousands who have joined.

As long term full time sitters, (sitter hat on now) one thing we’ve learned is not to take anything personally and just work on the positive exchanges that have the uplifting outcomes that make our lifestyle so fulfilling. We don’t see a lack of response as a reflection of our experience, just human nature :slight_smile: And sometimes owners need some help to understand best practices when the process is working in action, despite reading guidelines, especially if they are new or only use the service occasionally.

The good thing about the forum is that it raises awareness of these issues for both owners and sitters so hopefully we all better understand how we can help and improve these situations.

Thanks for sharing your feedback and we look forward to following your journey!


Thank you thank you thank you @ElsieDownie for your uplifting and amusing tongue in cheek commentary.
I agree @Colin. It’s akin to having just one grain of sand in your pants.
And like @Itchyfeet points out this is really such a wonderfully rewarding lifestyle if we could just ease up a bit and just enjoy life.

I have also had moments when I have felt that maybe I should step away and keep enjoying this life as I have been.
But then I realize that serves no one. I have learned a lot from a lot of you and there are people here and yet to come who need to know the joys there are in this “work” and that there are amazing incredible experiences ahead.
There will always be rain and sun. It’s life.

So what’s good in your day today?
Let’s feel good every day!
I’m going to feed the cats and go for a walk in the dark with my new headlamp.
Oooh scary :laughing:


Fantastic idea, starting this Friday


Sorry if you found my comment negative, I simply agreed with the original post to, as you say, ‘encourage the best communication’.

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