Third party access

I am on a sit at the moment where the adult son who lives nearby has let himself in 3 times now to my knowledge. There are no keys, just a key code on all external doors. It is a big house and there are 5 external doors. Although I can lock them from inside, if I go out one door has to be accessible by the code so I can get back in. I have no idea whether people are letting themselves in while I’m out or not!

Wow. Just. Wow.

You could tell the host they’re violating THS terms and you’ll leave the sit if they don’t knock off the son’s visits. Report them to THS as well.


Exactly what @Maggie8K says & asap! That’s creepy too @Wildcolonialgirl


@Wildcolonialgirl WT…H.

I feel we don’t need to throw this all at you but:
Review it
Report it
Reject it and tell the HO it needs to stop.

How are you going to handle this? :triumph:


I’ve sent the owners a screenshot of the policy saying it has to stop.or I will leave. It IS creepy. And each time he’s let himself in by a different door. I can’t change the code obviously so not much else I can do, but it will go in my review to warn future sitters.

@Wildcolonialgirl :hugs: what an uncomfortable situation to be in . Certainly not something that you have to tolerate . Three times already ( that you know of ) sufficient reason to leave the sit if you choose to do so .

As others have suggested member services should also be informed. Maybe this has happened before and the homeowner warned previously only member services will have a record of this and they can’t take any action unless sitters tell them about the situation.

E-mail :


I wouldn’t want to leave as the dogs are lovely and I couldn’t leave them alone. But it needs to go in the review so future sitters know that anyone with the door code can let themselves in and how many points of access there are. However, if it happens again … …

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@Wildcolonialgirl I totally understand it’s your decision to make .
If it does happen again and you do decide to leave you should also give the HO sufficient notice so that they can make alternative arrangements for care of the dogs - although in this scenario the son seems the logical choice since he is living near enough to already be popping in regularly-( uninvited).

With regard to mentioning in your review - yes it will warn future sitters - but as it’s a breach of the T&Cs you may also want to inform THS - they don’t routinely read the reviews - they will only be aware of this breach if they are informed by you . Without this information, no action will be taken and the HO will think that they can get away with this intrusion, disrespect for the sitter and conplete disregard for the rules.

That guy can take care of them!

@Wildcolonialgirl I’m sorry to read that you find yourself in this very uncomfortable situation. That is not something that should be happening!

As @Maggie8K @Cuttlefish @Silversitters @HelloOutThere have mentioned this is not in line with the third-party policy of the site so please do also reach out to Membership Services, they will be happy to help you.

I hope working with the owner and Membership Services you can resolve this quickly so you can enjoy the remainder of your sit. In the meantime thank you for being so dedicated to the dogs :smiling_face:


@Wildcolonialgirl Let the son take care of the dogs. What he and, complictly, the homeowners are doing is wrong and they have to understand there are consequences.

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Thanks. I’ve told the owner I’m not happy about it, they responded that they aren’t either, so I’ll take further action if it happens again.

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@Wildcolonialgirl Thank you for letting me know, I’m glad that the owner is taking it seriously, stay safe and hope the rest of the sit goes well.

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If the hosts aren’t happy with it, is there something stopping them from changing the code and not giving it to their son?

We had a sit once where the owner’s son showed up twice (but not behind our backs). After the second time we told the owners about it, and they were mortified! They immediately spoke to the son and it stopped.


What is the son doing when he drops in? What has he said to you? Do you feel safe (creepy guy) or intruded on (spy guy)?

I would rig the doors to know if he is coming in when you are not home. Tape over the latch. Flour on the floor. #ThinkLikeNancyDrew.

If the owners can’t stop him, can they change the code remotely?

Good luck.

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The hosts aren’t happy either?
That is weird.
He’s taking it upon himself?

I like the idea of putting something in front of the door. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

A chair under a knob from turning and a door opening. :wink:

Good for you for speaking up!
A good role model for THsitters!

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Not really, they don’t mind him dropping in any time, but I do. It may be an idea for them to change the code temporarily next time though, although I suspect he set it up for them in the first place :rofl:

OK, Confused by your saying they didn’t like it, either. In any case, it sounds like you prefer to not force the issue and let things unfold as he decides to come and go.

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