This Pittsburgh lawyer wants to meet other housesitters!

Hello all - I finished my first housesit a few weeks ago and had an absolutely lovely time returning to Minneapolis, one of my favorite cities. I have a cute little dog of my own (half-time with shared custody). I’m hoping to meet up with other housesitters in the Pittsburgh area or even in conjunction with some of my travels. I have three more housesits arranged for the coming months and absolutely love this service.

I’m very interested in housesits internationally but have not yet crossed that bridge. I’m hoping to learn about folks’ international experiences here!


Hi @KRF , Glad you found your way to the forum! And congratulations on completing your first sit with three more already lined up! That’s awesome.

I’ve had meetups with four other sitters in various locations and every one was fabulous. There is so much to talk about! You’ve taken the first step toward arranging a meetup.

Here are the official instructions. If run into any problem, feel free to DM me or any of the moderators.

And here are some pictures of the get-togethers.

As for branching out to sitting internationally, use the magnifying glass in the upper right to search topics related to international sits. There has been a lot of discussion, feel free to post any question, thought or concern if you don’t see it covered there. Welcome and have a good time!

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congratulations on completing your first sit. Well done.


How can I joint to the Meetup group. I just registered and haven’t sit yet. I will appreciate any recommendations.
Rosy Garza

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Hi @Rosy
That’s so great that you want to meet up with fellow members! There is no meet up group just the threads where you can post when and where you’d like to meet. @mars has shared some great threads with meet up info. We also have this recent blog post about meet ups where fellow members have shared their tips on how to get started.


Hi @KRF Congratulations on your first sit that’s fantastic! Would be so cool if you wanted to start a meet up in Pittsburgh and see what other members might be available for whatever date would work for you…I know it can sound a little scary to start to organize one yourself and not know who may or may not show up…head to the Meetups & Events category
and start a topic to see who might be around…or perhaps there’s already another Meet Up close to you that you can join.

You may also want to include your member profile here to your forum profile so members can see your listing. How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

I’m sure in no time you’ll be off on your first international sit! We’ve done two in Australia and one coming up in Mexico but plenty of members here have done loads more of international sits…you may want to use the search function above to read more about their experiences abroad.

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