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We’ve been ‘sitting’ for over three years now and it has become a very rewarding hobby ! I have noticed, lately especially, that the geographical spread of available sits has shrunk. Plenty in the U.S, Australia and UK but far fewer in the EU ( particularly anywhere other than France and Germany), Asia or other places. Just me ? The result of covid ?
What do you think ?

It seems to have shrunk in some places and expanded in others. The UK and the west coast of US and Canada are hot spots while the sits in Europe are definitely decreasing. No idea why.
Lots of theories but can’t say for definite.

@Liffy99 Yes, I noticed the same thing. Definitely seem to be more ads in the UK and USA lately.
I wonder if THS is going to focus on these areas and let their competitors (e g Nomador) “have” Europe?

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Maybe it’s an indication of where Covid restrictions have eased. Many places in Asia still have strict covid protocols.