THS in “the rest of the world”

I’m a newbie at sitting & a first-year THS member so basically - “duh” I know nothing.
COVID put a stop to the few sits we were dipping our toes in the water with thus far but we had big ideas and wildly imaginative plans. With that in mind, whilst idly moving the map to see sits, it occurred to me to wonder if there are ever sits in the “other” areas of the world - Russia? Africa, other than ZAF? India?
Has anyone been to these, or other non-standard places (for sits)?
@Angela does THS have any marketing strategies, or plans for these sorts of places?

Overwhelmingly, no, there aren’t very many sits in the places you listed. But they do come up occasionally. In our experience, both in observing listings and owners as well as speaking with friends and family from different countries, it’s often a cultural barrier. For example, our family that lives in Mexico are astounded that people let us (as sitters) into their home when they don’t know us. It’s simply not something they would even consider. A colleague in India is also surprised by it, but he argues that even when he takes a vacation his parents or parents-in-law would care for their home and that in many cases extended family live together anyway.

So, it often holds true that the more ‘exotic’ house sits we see are usually expats or owners working abroad.


Of course, excellent point about India & sub-continent but I didn’t know about the rest-of-the-world resistance to having house sitters.
Both THS and the sitter community have a vested interest in getting more owners signed up; I wonder if there are any advertising whizzes who could lend their expertise to this purpose? In the community I mean, of course.

Strange as with some organizations, like Servas you find free hospitality in many countries less choice of course than in Europe or USA (ex : 29 members are listed in Cameroon, 33 in Guatemala, and even 94 in Iran) and also opportunities with house swaps with Intervac or Homelink. So people accept the idea of welcoming strangers in their homes in many countries…
In poor countries owning a dog means you have money, traveling too. It’s often expat who publish ads and need sitters, more rarely the locals.
But when you pay attention to opportunities with THS you don’t have many in Scandinavia, compared to GB.

Interesting @Provence; are the portals you mention paying membership? I have huge reservations about free membership sites and there is no way ever that I would touch a sit advertised on a free site in Cameroon!


Of course they do, I’m against totally free sites, as how could these organizations live, make a survey on members , build their sites ? All that costs money.

I’m ready to open my home to sitters, to home swappers, I’m also ready to offer hospitality for free to strangers for a few days, but I want to be sure members have been identified, have given idendity, bank accounts (to pay the site), that their mail is working, their adress true, their name too. THat you can contact people in case of problems.

On house swaps organizations, there is reciprocity : you exchange with somebody who comes to your home even non simultenously. One during summer, the other one at xmas for example if you can organize that. You can exchange small homes for big ones, m² are not that important (location is more) but you need a home of course to do that. On house swap sites, you find many offers all over the world (with feed backs from members), rarely you hav e to look after dogs (sometimes cats) it’s not the goal.

On hospitality sites such as Servas you become a member once you have met a responsible located in your area, who wants to know why you want to be a member (as you may look only for hospitality a few times and never offer any hospitality which would be unfair) There it’s only a few days stay. So being a member may be interesting between 2 sits

I don’t want to appear as a house swaps sites seller,that’s why I shall not give their links, but you may find many links on Google / most of these sites give you a fortnight free but if your listing and your vows match with somebody wanting to stay 1, 3 or 6 months in your home, then you’ll have to pay the organization before getting his mail and phone in order to confirm the swap

Is Couch surfing free ? I don’t know. You have also an hospitality site, with no meeting, which is called For europeans it’s free, but members are over 45 I guess in order to avoid young ones who travel back pack…
All these sites cost around 100 € per year. Which is the averaae price of a cheap hotel room for a night around here.

@Saltrams we do get opportunities in “other” areas of the world … India, Africa, Russia infrequently & in small numbers. There are no active marketing plans to target these countries.