Geological exposure

Being an active member since April 2022, I wonder why there are so few sits out of the Anglo-Saxon world? USA, Great Britain and Australia are over presented in comparison to the European community, Africa, South America or Asia. I live in Spain at the moment and get bombarded online with THS advertising, that’s only since a month or so. Do others have the same experience in other parts of the world?

@Lieve I can understand your question, but I feel the reason you see so much in the UK is because that is where this company originated. Once the US and Australia really caught wind of it, it took off like a storm. I believe in time, it will spread rapidly through other regions and countries…the more it is recommended the more it will grow!


I think it is definitely also a language issue. Mostly (not all!) the French/Spanish/Italian sits we see, are for UK citizens that now live in France/Spain/Italy etc.

Hello, but that hardly be an explanation. Myself, I am fluent within 5 languages. So, surely THS can do better. Nowadays where even AI is making most of the commercial expressions.

And this still doesn’t explain why I get to see more than 15 times a day there advertisements.