Members by country

I’m wondering if TH could advise how many houseowner members there are by country. I think this would be really useful to know. Also, what other countries is TH promoting membership in?

I can see this on the website, but not the app. If you scroll down to the lower part of Find a Sit, it shows you by Country, Popular Destinations, etc. the total number. That number is total, not necessarily number of sits currently being listed.


I just checked and it seems it’s all the listings. However if you click on the map it shows the number of listings with dates.

That number is false.

Don’t know what it is.

I am currently on a sit in Bali, Indonesia, and start another next week.

The list you refer to says Indonesia only has 6 homeowner members - neither of my sits is on this list, and I know of others on Bali who are still members but not included in the 6 listed.


I don’t want the number of sits but the number of homeowner members

Maybe @Therese-Moderator can supply the answer?

@Smiley I can understand members being interested in the size of our community however providing a number can be misleading, there is so much more to interpreting the data, for instance are they active, inactive, combined etc., etc., etc., that is why we have a dedicated Data Squad.


I thought that was what those numbers at the bottom were - total number of HO members. But it seems maybe not. The answer seems somewhat elusive.

I am sure the THS Data Team could provide total HOs and total Sitters, breaking that down further into current listings, active, not active, sits that went unfilled, number of application, etc. But is that really information that needs to be published?

I am curious as to why you ask?

I’ve never really thought about it. I guess we just go by is there a listed sit of interest to us and go from there.

Weirdo over here is only interested in 4 members, the past, present, future HOs and me the sitter. :heart: :paw_prints: :rofl:


I disagree with you @Amparo. You have shown on this forum that you also take an interest in everyone you meet on this forum. Don’t sell yourself short. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This is true. I do so enjoy the peoples here in our growing community.
How many is irrelevant but nice to see both quality and quantity is greatly improving.
Thank you @Snowbird


I ask because I wonder which countries have few members. It seems there are lots in the UK, Oz, NZ, US and Canada

But only certain parts. There are very few sits in NS, Labrador, Newfoundland and Alaska.
We did an interview with a Scottish paper many years ago to promote THS there as we were fed up with the lack of members. I think it worked to a certain extent.

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