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As a sitter with THS, I have a couple of questions. We used to receive an email twice a day indicating when new listings were posted. This email is no longer being sent. When do listings get posted? I live in Canada and yesterday at about 5 pm my time, I noticed a lot of new listings that just came in. When I wake up in the morning, I usually see a lot of listings that came in overnight, but this morning, I noticed that no new listings have come in - I still see the same listings I saw yesterday evening. Is this perhaps a glitch happening today?

Also re “sits with low applications”. It’s understandable that when it’s a “new listing” it will have this notation but is there any way of doing a search for “sits with low applications”. There could be sits that have been sitting for three weeks that have low applications that sitters may be interested in. Especially sitters who are new on the site and would have more of a chance in obtaining sits with none or “low applications”.

Hello @Globetrotter

Thank you for reaching out to the community and asking these questions. There used to be a daily email alert with a summary of all new home listings, however, this was replaced quite some time ago with ‘saved search emails’ or App notifications.

Here are some helpful help desk articles:

The ‘low applications’ is marked on all listings with no or low applications, other listings are marked ‘new’ when they first come onto the site.

When you click on find a house sit you can filter for ‘new’ or ‘recommended’ and the ‘low application’ ones fall into the recommended filter.

Here is a screenshot from the website:

Screen Shot 2023-05-11 at 13.15.25

Listings appear live on the site when an existing owner posts new dates (this is instantaneous) or when new owner’s listings are manually approved by the approvals team - this happens numerous times throughout the day as we have teams on all time zones.

I believe that notifications are within the hour of the dates going live on the website.

There are no reported issue with new listings going onto the website, just make sure that you are filtering for new ones to see the most recent ones.

Any questions feel free to DM me or Membership Services at support@trustedhousesitters.com

Thanks for your reply Carla. I’ve had numerous chats on here with THS re “saved searches” and I still am unable to do this but aside from that, I usually just go on the app or the web and click on “find a sit” and I was able to see new sits up until today. Re filtering for “new” or “recommended” sits - is this something new? I’ve never had to filter before to find new sits. Don’t quite understand why this extra step has to be followed.

@Globetrotter This filter was introduced recently, but has been available for a little while, maybe you had the filter clicked to ‘new’ and then it reset or changed? It’s been introduced to help surface sits that have fewer applications and as you mentioned might be helpful for new members or just anyone looking at sits with fewer applicants, rather than just showing the new listings as default and needing to scroll through pages of listings to get to the older ones or those with fewer applicants.

Make sure you keep the filter on ‘new’ if you want to see the new ones daily :slight_smile:

Thanks - I did just filter to “new”. It obviously must have reset somehow yesterday.

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Hello @Carla-Moderator & @Globetrotter - can I add into this thread that our saved searches only ever send us Brunei as a sit choice. Never anywhere else in the world even though this is one of many saved searches. I’ve also flagged before but still happening. Maybe part of the SS anomaly? :thinking:

@Cuttlefish Yes you can thank you for adding here and I will ask the tech team and Membership services about this and get back to you. That sounds so strange!