Today is K9 Veteran Day

I just read on Britannica that yesterday, 13th March, was K9 Veteran Day: ‘The Dogs of War’.

This is quite a nice story about a rescue called Sergeant Stubby, that played an important role in WW1: Sergeant Stubby | World War I Service, Heroism, Mascot, & Biography | Britannica

Stubby soon moved beyond his role as mascot to become an important asset to the troops in battle. He survived being wounded from exposure to mustard gas, recovering in a field hospital. After that exposure, Stubby was able to detect even small amounts of poisonous gas. When his division was under a gas attack, Stubby immediately recognized the smell and ran through the trenches, barking to alert everyone, and saving many soldiers from serious harm.

Stubby’s battlefield skills extended beyond gas detection. During the 17 battles he was involved in during his 18 months of service, he also located wounded men lying in fields between the trenches. His barks alerted searchers who then brought the wounded to safety.


Hero dogs, I love it :heart_eyes:

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