Toilets turnoffs

True. For me, that’s not something I’m especially worried about. I can suss them out. Plus, depending on the circumstances, I will sometimes do video with hosts, so they can see their pets.

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You can suss out the ones that have hidden surveillance?

Yes, if you google, you can find tips on how to.

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I HATE IT. Whether it’s an apartment listing, or an AIrbnb, or a THS listing, just…no.

As a naturally suspicious person I assume that I’m on camera all the time. I’ve also been known to wave a corners and other places where cameras might be hiding.

LOL. Yes, doesn’t hurt to think that.

Personally, I don’t care much about cameras in general. If someone wants to watch me with their pets, they’ll probably die of boredom. And I’m pretty good at picking up on freaks before I get to any sit anyway.

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I discovered cameras (audio and video, based on the model) near the end of a sit. There was one active in the upstairs hallway. I had been walking naked/near-naked for more than a week going from shower to bedroom.
I’d also been on numerous Zoom calls for my work (then as independent contractor).
I looked up the laws for that jurisdiction (state). Audio recording is completely illegal.
I took photos of the cameras and the red lights went out soon thereafter.


Yikes! It means they were actively watching you!
Or did you tell them to turn it off?

Honestly, though you gotta admit that’s heckuva bathroom. :rofl:


Thank you for giving me such a good laugh first thing in the morning! :grinning: on first read, I though, wait, what? There was a picture of someone using the toilet?? :rofl:


I quite like it, shows you how they live and what’s important to them! I’m a pretty fussy sitter :grinning:

I assume she noticed that I noticed.

And I thought this was about the shut-off valve for the toilet. Seldom used so they sometimes are frozen and require a lot of effort to shut-off the water!


Who would show a photo of a toilet being used? How gross!

You should have contacted the HO, maybe they hadn’t thought of that at all.

There would be no end. I see so many turnoffs in listings.

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I have done so in the past, often, but at the end of the day it’s not my place to keep correcting people. Comes a time when you just have to let people sort themselves out, I’m not the picture police :joy:


You are not the only one! :raising_hand_woman:t3: I do not even give these a look! It’s totally unappealing! Either people do not care what their profile looks like or they don’t know how to fix it.

I know folks are not tech savvy - but phone a friend!!!