Translation App

Just want to share a very useful discovery. Maybe you know about it, I didn’t. I’m in Iceland and I speak no Icelandic, which isn’t a problem as it seems everyone speaks English. However, it is a challenge when shopping for food.

Open Google Translate, choose detect language to English (or whatever your first language is). Then click on the little camera icon and hold your phone over a food label. Google will translate it from the image.

Very handy and of course, it will also work on any unfamiliar signage.


Hi @mars, yes this is an awesome app. We used it when we traveled to Portugal as we knew absolutely zero language there (happily picked up some very useful words while there though). It is a godsend to have the ability to converse with the locals as they can use it as well when trying to guide us through a menu, map, etc.

I didn’t realise that. Thank you!

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You can also speak into the microphone option and it will translate ( and even speak if you hit the speaker sign)


I traveled SKorea for a month with the camera.