Transportation Info and Sit Numbers

It would be very helpful to see if transportation is accessible or available before opening up the sit to see that “sitters need a car.” It could be the symbol of a bus or train to let us know that these are close by. Or a car to note that use of car is included.
Secondly, it would be good to see at a glance if the HO is asking for multiple dates. So this could be something as simple as a +1, +2 so sitters that may be interested in the area but already have a sit for those dates could look to see if the other dates would work.

Vikki it is already possible to see if te HO is offering multiple sits there is indeed a little + next to the sit date in the listing which menas multiple dates.


Maybe I’m missing it but the only + I see is for more animals. (?)

Here’s an example:


Hi @Vikki and welcome to our community forum … great feedback on the transportation thank you, as for multiple dates this is visible on sits and as they get filled they are removed from the listing.

Thank you again for joining and we look forward to sharing in your THS journey and getting to know you. Enjoy connecting with members from around the world.

Angela and the Team