Travel Inspiration - St John's, Newfoundland, Canada

I live in St John’s nl Canada. St John’s is a island is a beautiful place to visit anytime of the year. We have seasons - our summers are nice, not to hot and you’re able to go out side all day in the sun, without feeling sun!

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Hello @Amanda09 and thank you for giving us insight into your beautiful part of the world. Whenever someone mentions somewhere I haven’t visited I turn to Google, and WOW what a stunning place this is!! I love all the colourful houses perched on the rocks! I hope you don’t mind but I took your comment and made it into a thread of it’s own as we’d love to hear more about this island.

Have you lived there long? Do you know if this is a popular house sitting location? I’d certainly be adding to my choices for the future!! Thanks for sharing this nugget of travel inspiration!

Anybody else have anything to share about St Johns? @Snowbird do you know this island?


@Vanessa-ForumCMgr Yes, I have been to The Rock, as it’s known in Canada. Today you’ve taken me down memory lane, as I scroll through my photos. I did a 12-day bus tour in 2018, with a bus driver and tour guide who had lived in Newfoundland (pronounced new-fun-land) their whole lives. It was an excellent way to see the island, as the knowledge they shared was amazing. We landed in the west, travelled north and across to Labrador, and then back down to go west to east, flying out from St. John’s. This photo is at Bonavista, the most northerly point.

The landscape is beautiful, but the warmth of the people surpasses the landscape. Many will be familiar with Come From Away, the musical that tells the story of the 7,000 people landing in Gander (population 9,000 in 2001) where all flights approaching the US during 9/11 were ordered to land there. The show tells the amazing story of the lengths the locals went to shelter and welcome these people. Many friendships continue to this day.

St. John’s is the closest point of Canada to Ireland, and its culture is very much like Ireland and the Irish. They place a high value on family and being raised with a love of music, with just about everyone playing at least one instrument. They are known for their traditional ‘kitchen parties’.

On my bucket list for that trip was to see a moose, as apparently they’re plentiful there. What I didn’t know was sighting them is very much seasonal, and I was in the wrong season. This was the compromise. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh I thought this rang some bells!! Ian and I watched the documentary about the people landing in Gander during 9/11 - it was amazing - and made me cry several times !

I see there’s now a movie of the musical - will have to watch that if we can too!

Thank you for sharing!!

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The film of the Broadway production of Come From Away is on Apple TV. I watched it at one of my sits!

Just an hour ago I watched episode 1 of Griff Rhys Jones’ Canadian Adventure where he started in Newfoundland and visited St John’s. It looks stunning.

Is this on a streaming service?

This is fantastic information. Our ferry over is booked, 9th August. My husband joined one of his ships here as a fresh faced cadet. He soon realised the advantages of facial hair in the Newfoundland winter. We are going on a driving tour so he can go down memory lane.
Sits are few and far between so it’s Airbnb all the way.

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It’s on one of our free view catch up channels ABC iview. Here’s the link for you (not sure if it works outside Australia)