Back to Nova Scotia, Canada, from 2 months in Oz

Hello everyone, great to see the Community Forum! My husband and I are delighted to be back house & pet sitting again with THS. We just enjoyed a delightful 2 months, with two long sits in two different areas of Australia. :australia: This was our first time trying a longer sit (one month ) and we loved it. Previous Pre-Covid sits have taken us to Edinburgh, London, Barcelona, and the Canary Islands. We are ‘big dog’ people with lots of experience, and we also enjoy rescue dogs, who may be more challenging to be ‘sat’. Bless them! We’re also very fond of cats. In 2023, we’re looking forward a visit to Italy in June and we’ll be heading to Southern California for my son’s wedding in November. Looking forward to learning more about member experiences through the forum. Our home, by the way, is Nova Scotia on the Atlantic Ocean coast of Canada. :canada:Happy to share any info about the east coast of Canada, as I just retired from a career in tourism here.


@VespaSpice hello and welcome to the forum! You are going to find many members who want to travel to or have shared your travel destinations and would love the opportunity to chat about locations, ideas, etc. I myself am interested in info about Nova Scotia as my hubby and I are traveling the NE USA in the Fall and I am trying to convince him to spend a little extra time and make the trip there so I can mark it off my bucket list. If you can send any info on the area, it would be much appreciated. That way I can show to him and possibly get the travel but going for him there as well.

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Hi Debbie, thanks for the warm welcome. It’s an easy trip to Nova Scotia from Maine or Mass. there is a ferry that runs seasonally from Portland to Yarmouth and the southern tip of Nova Scotia. . Or, almost as easily, you can skip over the Maine border at Calais into The Canadian province of New Brunswick. Then just about 1 hour into NB, you can hop Bay Ferries car ferry for the 3 hour voyage across the Bay of Fundy to Nova Scotia, to the town of Digby, which is only 2.5 hr from the province’s capital, Halifax. The population of our province is only 1 million, with about half of us living in centrally located on the coast Halifax (475,000). Although only 360 miles (580 km) long, we have 4600 miles (7500 km) of coastline. The province is known for its variety of beaches, many hiking opportunities, historic sites (1st European settlements began in 1605), seafood (esp lobster!), music, culture and wineries. Autumn is a beautiful time of year to visit. We have very late, warm Falls as we happily receive southerly winds from the eastern seaboard well into the need of October. The fall leaf colours are spectacular at that time of year, in NE USA and here. Let me know if you have specific interests or a trip time duration in mind.


@VespaSpice thank you so much for the info. I am copying and pasting into my personal file for this Fall when we head to the upper US area.


Welcome to the Forum @VespaSpice. You’re certainly going places!
I definitely want to visit/housesit in Nova Scotia, just don’t know when that will be!
Enjoy your forthcoming travels and sits :sunglasses:

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Hello @VespaSpice and welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

You sound like you are having many great adventures… whereabouts in Italy will you be heading in June? :it::slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @VespaSpice … Welcome to our community Forum

I lived in Halifax for 3+ years and loved our time there and after AB the winters were not too bad. We were relocated by my husband’s company, offered flights etc but chose to take a 10 days road trip adventure across the country, mainly because of our furry family member.

I had a 9 year old, 18 month old and most importantly a 12 month old Springer Spaniel and this was in the days of very few dog friendly anything, especially hotels … we became experts at smuggling a puppy into a hotel room. :wink: :dog:

Penny (puppy family member) was the best behaved of all of the children :dog: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :dog:


Thank you for the well-wishes @Smiley And please feel free to reach out regarding Nova Scotia whenever you plan to visit. :scotland:

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Hah funny about the hotel pet smuggling @Angela-HeadOfCommunity You can certainly understand why folks want someone to take such good care of their pets!!makes you perfect for the job at Trusted Housesitters! :clap:t3::clap:t3:

Yes, @Samox24 we’re newly retired so free to finally travel more. We’ve both been to Italy before (my husband previously lived there). This time it will be Rome visiting friends and wherever else we can find a house sit :wink:

Hi. Thank you for that info. We will be that way in May and will spend a week in Newfoundland. The very end of May into middle of June we have a pet sit in Irishtown. Do you have recommendations for that area? We like to hike and explore. Is PEI easy to make a day trip from there? We have a car.

I see you like rescue dogs. If you ever fancy a trip to Durham, U.K. (beautiful city), we have two gorgeous rescue Podencos. We travel with them by motorhome, often to our other home in Spain, or elsewhere in the U.K. or Europe. But we do like to sneak a longer trip in from time to time, especially in the winter months, or a short trip in summer. Let me know if that might just ‘float your boat’. Jill

Ah thanks, we do like rescue dogs. I’ve previously house sat in North London and expect I’ll be back your way some day.