Meet up - halifax - 27 March to 5/6 April '24

We’re sitters from Vancouver who are currently doing a sit in Halifax. We arrived on March 26 and here until April 6. We’re avid travelers who have been to many countries and the first time to the other coast of our own country. We’d love to meet up with any other sitters currently here or homeowners who live here who would like to meet up. We’ve been very fortunate to have been generously given the loan of a car while we’re here but it would be wonderful to do some socializing with other members while here!

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Do you mean Halifax in the north of England or Halifax in Canada?

Forgot that important point! Canada


Just bumping this thread incase anyone happens to be in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada until April 6th and is able to meet up. :canada::slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Globetrotter I hope you are having a lovely time in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Also if you have any photos you can share it would be lovely to share them.

Will do Sam - thanks for the suggestion!

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