Travel Spain for Free?

This just in May be of value to some


Is that for the free train tickets article?

If so, here is a direct link. Free trains in Spain for 2022: best itineraries - Lonely Planet


Thank you! It got lost in transit! :rofl:

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I’ve recently returned from 9 days in Spain and discovered that if you’re over 60 you can buy a discount card for just 6 euros which gives you a 25% discount on train journeys for a year, no matter which country you’re from


That’s great! Thanks @Smiley for letting us know.

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any idea where i can find info on this card i go to spain once or twice a year and haven’t seen anything about the discount on the ticket machines & firend who lives in madrid hasn’t mentioned anything like this to me ( although she’s only 59)

@Smiley where do you buy these cards please?

@Maggie and @Jilly I believe you just need to go to the ticket office of any train station in Spain and prove you’re over 60. I didn’t look into it too much but just logged it for future reference.
I’ve just googled it and found the following information which states the discount is 40%! Click on this for info:


Website :
“Tarjeta Dorada”

Yes, as per the link I included above which goes straight to the appropriate page and is in English

Thank you @Smiley


Thank you Smiley. Will check that out next time I’m there :slight_smile: :smiley:

The announced plan for free passes includes deposits that are refunded after taking enough journeys on a pass. That deposit, along with passes being specific to journeys between two stations, will mostly limit the bonus to regular commuters, I think.