TrustedHousesitters - Helping The People & Animals Of Ukraine

I donated to PETA and my partner donated to IFAW. Both are providing support to Ukraine. We donated separately to Glasgow the Caring Society and the DEC appeals. The terror for people and animals is almost unimaginable and this was the most practical help we could provide to the brave people trying to save human and animal lives. There is a huge Trusted House Sitters community based on trust who adore their pets. Many will be of the same mind and already helping in their own way and together we can do more.


Thank you so much for sharing this :pray:t3::heavy_heart_exclamation:

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All owners have been contacted by Airbnb. They have been asked to either donate space or rent their properties out at a discounted price. I don’t know if Airbnb will take their usual 15% but I have been told they are forgoing that when people “rent” property in Ukraine.
Unfortunately I do not have any long periods that they could use our flat for this until September. Hopefully it will all be over then and the Ukrainians will be back home but if it isn’t I will gladly do it if it’s still ongoing.

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Here is another link to give help the people of Ukraine (this was sent to me from someone who is stuck there right now)…

Hi everyone, I have a question that I would like to hear people’s views on, sitters and admin particularly.

First off let me say that I am well aware of TH terms and conditions regarding other people in the house during a sit, and it is not something which would ever normally happen here but circumstances are somewhat unusual and unique at the moment.

As from Mon 14th March the UK government is starting a scheme whereby home owners can host a Ukrainian refugee fleeing from the war in a spare room or property for a minimum of six months. We have two spare rooms and are considering registering to host a refugee in one of them.

So my problem is this, we have a couple of short breaks booked, 3-6 nights for which we have house sitters booked, so I will either have to ask a friend if the refugee can stay with them for a few nights, which will mean forcing a no doubt traumatised person to have to undergo more stress, or I will have to discuss with the sitters if they are happy for the refugee to be in the house as well, (and risk having my membership cancelled for breaking the rules) or cancel our holidays for which we will not be able to get refunds………

This is not a decision that we have taken lightly, as I cannot begin to imagine what these poor people are going through, it is just the most awful situation.

What are everyone’s thoughts………

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Hi @Foldor13 As you have mentioned ‘admin particularly’ I am tagging @Angela-HeadOfCommunity for a response, when she’s next online.

Voluntary Forum Moderator

HI @Foldor13 thank you for posting.

We thank you for your kindness in wanting to open up your home and we’re sure there will be others in our community who will wish to do the same.

This is such a tragic situation which worsens every day and we cannot begin to imagine the horrors being faced by the people of the Ukraine and everyone affected by this conflict.

In light of this initiative we will need to meet and discuss how we can help support those in our community who want to reach out and open their homes to help refugees in desperate need and enable those same members to manage any THS sit arrangements already in place.

We will keep everyone updated and please reach out to myself or Vanessa via Direct Message if you would rather discuss offline and @Foldor13 thank you once again.

For members of our UK community not yet familiar with this humanitarian initiative by the UK Government there is more information in the attached BBC News item.

***I am going to move this post to the post on Ukraine so that it is all in one place.

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I guess I’m thinking that from a sitter’s point of view, and given THS rules about no additional people in the house during a sit, I’d probably wait to invite refugees after my breaks are over.

If you hadn’t already booked sitters, you could explain this all in your posting (assuming THS allowed it), but I’m not sure it would be fair to ask it of sitters you’ve already booked.

(Unless your home’s accommodation for the refugees is completely self-sufficient?)

I think these are very unusual circumstances and, even if the rule of no other party in the house, is broken, this should at least be possible to discuss with the already confirmed sitter. Waiting until the confirmed sits are over takes too long! Help is needed NOW not in a few months. There are already more than 2,8million refugees and the bordering countries to Ukraine soon cannot manage anymore coming, and there will be more, so every person able to help with rooms should be allowed to do it. All the sitters can say is no, isn’t it? If they don’t want to go ahead with the sit, there’s still the refugees who might be able to care for the pets.


If i wss your sitter and you explained the situation to me i would respecfully back out of the sit.
I feel you probably wouldnt need an independant sitter with people in your house. Also i imagine it would be more settling for the people you are housing to have time to themselves and to adjust to their situation.
Obviously though I dont know your pets personally but just considering from that angle.
We are also considering hosting too so good luck.

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As much as I agree that this is an unusual circumstance and very much needed (housing refugees), I’m not sure it’s fair to ask sitters to look after another family - possibly cooking and cleaning for them, or at the very least, sharing a kitchen and other living spaces as you would normally do for any guests in your home - without having discussed it during the application process.

And yes, the sitter could say no if the refugee family is able to take care of the house and pets while the HOs are gone, but many sitters would then have to scramble to find another sit to fit that hole in the schedule or end up having to book an Airbnb etc instead. It’s not a simple situation.

This would be inconvenient but actually nothing, compared to the “inconvenience” for the refugee who has lost everything.

Why should a sitter have to cook and care for refugees? Share a kitchen, yes probably, but many people, who had to leave their home, are well educated and look for a job right away. They certainly can look after themselves.

I’m not going to even try to compare my holiday with the horrific plight of the refugee. There is no comparison at all but that is not my point.

If I lived in the UK there is no doubt I would invite a refugee into my home and do all I could to help them. In my own home.

But as a sitter, it’s an entirely different situation and it’s not necessarily one I’d be prepared to handle without a full understanding of the specific situation, ahead of time, before accepting a sit.

For example, if I had a refugee family in my own home, I would treat them as guests and I’d do my best to cook and care for them as such. If I had separate living accommodations for them, they might manage on their own but I don’t see how it would work with two families trying to cook separate meals in the same kitchen at the same time, so I guess I would assume I would do it jointly if it were in my home.

But I’m not in my own home, and that is what would make it such a difficult situation without knowing ahead of time that it was going to be a part of the sit.

And again, I’m not even really talking about myself, I’m talking about sitters in general. I just think it needs to be something decided upon in advance, because it’s a big decision and would make a huge difference to the sit.

In normal times, I definitely agree. But unfortunately this happened so quickly that it must be possible to change plans. If I had a sitter scheduled for a sit, I would leave the decision to him/her. As this wasn’t something which was agreed upon, I would not expect the sitter to go ahead with the sit.

Actually I can’t imagine anyway that everybody always goes strictly by THS rules, as they are discussed on the forum. There certainly are cancellations from both sides, which THS is never notified on, because they are simply accepted. Also, not everybody is a sitter who goes from sit to sit so to many it only affects their holidays and doesn’t necessarily mean they will have to fill any gaps.

I think this topic should be cleared quickly by THS, because it might affect lots of sits all over Europe. But given the time the calendar and the review system is being criticized and nothing happens, I am not sure anything will happen at all.


These certainly aren’t “normal” times. And tbh, I wish we lived close enough ourselves to be able to offer refuge to a family fleeing the war.

I agree, THS should probably chime in with some guidelines about this unusual situation. It’s likely to come up again.

Hello again everyone …

The team will have a discussion on this situation and will update everyone. it is Sunday and the team are offline until Monday, it has already been raised by myself in our internal channels.

In the meantime if we could please keep the conversation respectful of the individual feelings and opinions of one another, no matter whether aligned or not, that would be really appreciated.

Thank you