Truthful Review for HO and Sitter

1self, well said. As Sitters we don’t let the small inconveniences bother us. Life is too short to worry about such things. For example, if something we’re used to having at home is missing at a Sit, we’ll simply do without and make do.

Hi Angela, Google gave me a different meaning. Glad I’ve clarified it. Are there any other accepted abbreviations we need to know? Is it still HO for Home Owner? THS okay for Trusted House Sitters? Anything for just Sitter?

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We refer to Home Owners as Pet Parents or Owners, you can include home … Sitters are Sitters no change there. Hope that helps.

Edited … thank you @lmhale

We would provide our Home Owners with suggestions for improvement ONLY IF they asked. (None have as of yet, after 13+ sits). We wouldn’t feel comfortable giving it to them voluntarily.

Sitters with a capital “S” I hope!

@lmhale , I let one of my previous PO know about some improvements they could make if they chose and they appreciated it. What is important is how it’s worded. I am very fond of these people and their animals.